A letter to my daughter at 14 months

Dear Autumn,

This month we’ve been busy bees! Speaking of which, one of your most favourite TV programmes is Maya the Bee and you love saying “Bee! Bee!” As the weather has turned colder, we’ve been staying indoors a bit more. However, we’ve still managed to get out and about exploring. You even went on your first holiday! Let’s take a little look at your month…

New Shoes

Although you started walking at 11 months, you still wanted to crawl most of the time. A day or two after you turned 13 months old, it was like something just clicked and you decided that walking was the way to go! As such, we went to get you your very first properly fitted shoes. You were a tiny 3G!

First shoes from Clarks


You celebrated your second Halloween this year! Once again, you were dressed in a pumpkin outfit. You’re the cutest little pumpkin I ever did see!

George Asda Mummy's Little Pumpkin Outfit

First Nando’s

Surely an important milestone in anyone’s life, you had your first Nando’s! Mummy and Daddy were doing some Christmas shopping at Bluewater, when we realised it was late and we hadn’t eaten. Once Mummy got the idea of Peri Peri sauce in her head, there was only one place we could go to have our dinner! I tried to get a nice picture of you with it, but you weren’t having any of it – diving straight for some of the chicken on your plate as soon as it arrived!


Your own room

When it got to November and became very cold, Mummy said it was finally time that Daddy could put the heating on! Your cot was in our room next to the radiator, the only place it could really go in our room. We were worried you might burn your little fingers on it, so it was time for you to move into your own room. You were such a good girl, adapting to it straight away.

Autumn moved into her own room at 13 months old

First fireworks

We bought you some little ear defenders before watching fireworks with you for the first time. You were a bit unsure at first, but with a chocolate chip muffin in your hand you seemed to feel a bit more confident.

First fireworks, ear defenders

You were soon watching and enjoying them, mesmerised.

Baby's first fireworks

Sheffield Park

We visited beautiful Sheffield Park to see the autumn colours. You seemed to have fun too, running around and playing with the leaves! You really enjoyed your lunch too, and the tasty buttery biscuit you had seemed to really blow your mind!

Autumn tree stump, Sheffield Park

Met the Duchess of Cambridge

Arguably the most exciting event of this month was meeting the Duchess of Cambridge. We went to Hornsey Road Children’s Centre in London with Family Action. Mummy spoke to her about how ill you were this time last year, and how poorly it made Mummy too and about the help that she needed. She said that you were very well behaved, even after you drove a toy fire engine into her foot!

Embed from Getty Images


I’ve been exercising over the last month. The thing is, although I’m proud of what my body did growing you, I feel self conscious about my tummy.  You think it’s all great fun! When I’m in strange positions on the yoga mat you come over and look at me, laughing. You pick up my weights(!) and even try to copy me. It’s adorable!



First holiday

We had our first family holiday to Bluestone in Wales! Although you’ve travelled to Birmingham for This Morning Live and The Baby Show, Nottingham for Download Festival and Manchester for BlogOn, it was never a real holiday. Yes, I know it’s November and it might seem a little odd, but we were invited to visit them and take part in some of their Christmas activities!

Elftopia, Kingdom of the Elves 2017

First beach visit

Again, a little odd as it’s November. Your first beach visit was to Barafundle Bay, where Mummy and Daddy loved spending time on their honeymoon! Obviously it wasn’t swimwear weather, but we still had a whale of a time. You enjoyed running around, drawing in the sand and pointing and shouting “THIS!” at the sea.


Made the biggest mess

We also went to Shelby Snail’s messy play at Bluestone. You absolutely loved it, particularly the paint…or so we thought, until you discovered the slime! You were crawling around in it, squishing it between your fingers. Then you were standing, slipping around in it, falling onto your bottom and laughing, then doing it again! It was so funny, but you were so messy! The lady that worked there said she’d never seen such a messy child there. Other parents were recoiling slightly in horror and moving their children and things out of the way if you got anywhere near. Even other children were looking at you, completely puzzled by this weird green alien-child hybrid in the room! I got pretty messy too. Even after they’d been in the washing machine, my jeans somehow had lumps of slime/mud, glitter and a few twigs stuck to them still.

Messy play at Bluestone, Wales

Visited Santa

While we were at Bluestone, you visited Santa’s Workshop. It was so magical there! He read you and the other children the story of the Christmas robin and presented you with your very own little robin.


Autumn Santa's Workshop Bluestone

Wow, what a month! I’m excited for the next month and the Christmassy things we’re likely to do together. Last year you were only just 3 months when Christmas came round, so you’ll be a lot more aware of everything this year. Hopefully that won’t spell disaster for the Christmas tree!

As long as I’m with you, I’ll be full of festive cheer!

All my love always,

Mummy xxx

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