Celebrating 20 years of Harry Potter at Strood Library

Librarians in Harry Potter dress

As all big fans of Harry Potter, (or ‘Potterheads‘) will know, this is a very important week indeed. Monday 26th June marked the 20th anniversary of the first book, The Philosopher’s Stone being published. In the two decades that have ensued, the hearts and imaginations of children and adults worldwide have been captured.

Many have been celebrating, and J.K. Rowling has thanked her fans.

When I found out that Strood Library/Community Hub were also celebrating the 20th anniversary, I was so delighted that I almost felt 8 years old again! View Post

5 ways to help an early teether

Autumn has been teething since just before Christmas, when she was 3 months old. I felt sorry for her, even more so as she didn’t quite have the coordination of babies who are of average teething age (around 6 months) to hold teething toys in her mouth herself.

Here are my top tips for helping a little one that is teething and lacks the coordination to help themselves very much:

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A tale of tongue tie, bonding issues & a healed heart

This is a guest post from someone I know in real life. She is also a first time mum and wanted to share her story to help other mums. I’ve previously shared my stories of how Autumn fell critically ill at 2 weeks old, my subsequent anxiety and how we had to give up breastfeeding. However, a lot of mums have a tough time in one way or another.

This powerful story discusses bleeding in early pregnancylabour with some complications, bonding issuestongue tie and a failed tongue tie procedure once the baby was born. Please be warned that it may be triggering for some.  View Post

Being a #mumpreneur

Zip Us In jacket extenders for babywearing and pregnancy

Following the story of Claire who plans weddings in Central Park, New York, I was excited to hear from another mumpreneur. This time we hear from Kate, another inspirational woman, who is the creator of “Zip Us In”. This is a product I’ve been aware of and thought is brilliant for quite some time! She talks about redundancy, juggling a career with children and running two businesses!

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