An awesome day at BlogOn Xmas 2021

It has been a LONG two years since the last in person BlogOn conference. It was fantastic to be back at The Coppid Beech Hotel in Bracknell with other bloggers for a day of learning, networking and fun on Saturday! In fact, I’m still buzzing as I write this! If you’re a blogger reading this, I’m pretty sure that you’ll have heard of BlogOn. It is always an amazing day out thanks to Laura at Tired Mummy of Two (BlogOn’s founder) and her team of helpers. It’s so inspiring – and if you haven’t heard, the goody bags and raffle are EPIC!

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Getting Direction Online with a Digital Agency

Collaborative Post¦ Wouldn’t it be lovely if someone could just tell us how to be successful online?

Well, there is someone, or rather a team of experts that can do just that. Digital Agencies across the UK are helping business become their best online. From responsive website design, to content creation and SEO, your company could save on time, expense and hassle with the help of a digital marketing agency.

Now a days, it is not unheard of for businesses to put the success of their online presence into the hands of digital agencies, who employ technical and strategic planning to direct hit achieve your business objectives online every single day.

But what do digital agencies do which is so beneficial to your business’s success in the modern world?

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My Lockdown Silver Linings

I think I need to write about something else soon, as I feel like all I really write about is lockdown at the moment! However, this is our life at the moment. This time, I’ve been tagged by Whimsical Mumblings to write about all the silver linings of lockdown life. I can’t even think of a word awful enough to describe how horrendous this virus is; the loss of life, the illness, the anxiety and the stress on our NHS and keyworkers. However, there is plenty to celebrate too. Whilst we need to remember the severity of the situation and not become complacent, it is important to also shift our focus to these positive things.

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Review: ContentCal Social Media Planning & Publishing Tool

Collaborative Post¦ Anyone who works with social media knows that you need to post regularly to keep up momentum, ideally across several platforms. There are also certain times of the day that your posts will get more engagement. To make yourself available to do these all manually would be very inconvenient. This is where tools such as ContentCal come in! This tool helps you to plan just about every aspect of your social media content and publish it.

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