Autumn’s Mummy Blog at BlogOnToys

I can’t believe the time has come again for BlogOn! I enjoyed last September’s Christmas themed BlogOn so much and am so excited to be heading back to Manchester this weekend for more Christmassy fun at BlogOnToys. Blogging conferences are a whirlwind of fun, learning and socialising and I really recommend BlogOn as there is such a lovely atmosphere. Anyway, until now I have somehow missed that there was an introduction linky. So, here are my answers to the questions!

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A different experience at BlogOn X

In September last year, I made the 235 journey ‘oop north’ to Manchester for BlogOn Xmas. It was an amazing, if tiring, day and I was left buzzing with knowledge. One of the best things was getting to meet so many other bloggers in real life, too! Probably needless to say, I signed up for BlogOn X and booked a hotel room as soon as the tickets went live. I kind of enjoyed this event too, but unfortunately the day went rather differently for me this time.

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Autumn’s Mummy at BlogOn X

I enjoyed my first blogging conference, BlogOn Xmas so much! As soon as the tickets came out for May’s BlogOn X, I didn’t hesitate to snap up a ticket. Yesterday, I found out that there was once again a list of questions for people to introduce themselves ahead of it, should they wish to. So, here’s a bit about me and perhaps some potential ice-breakers if you see me. Please say hello to me if you spot me – I don’t bite…much!

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Blog On Xmas 2017 Highlights

I’d heard a lot about Blog On before buying a ticket, not least the rumours about amazing goody bags! I’d met a few bloggers before at the press launch of This Morning Live, but I hadn’t been to a blogging event as such. It was a long  7 month wait for Blog On Xmas after buying my ticket in February, but it didn’t seem to take long to come round!

I was racked with nerves as I left my hotel to go to Hotel Football for the conference, but I needn’t have been as I had one of the best days ever! I’ve never been ‘oop north’ before, so that’s something ticked off of my list of things to do before I’m 30! It was totally worth the 5 hour journey from Kent, even though I did get home past midnight and felt an absolute wreck the next day. If you are thinking about going to a Blog On event next year, I wholeheartedly recommend it and was glad I chose it for my first blogging event. Here are my highlights of the day:

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This Time Next Year

So, in the latest of tags I’ve been nominated to take part in, you have to write about your goals for the next year then come back and reflect on them in a year’s time. It sounds like an interesting tag to me! Thanks to Andrea and Hallie for nominating me!


  • Thank the person who tagged you
  • Set yourself goals for the next year
  • Write how you’re going to achieve these goals
  • Tag at least 5 of your blogger friends to do this tag
  • Then, in 365 days write a post reflecting on your goals and what you achieved!

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