5 ways to help an early teether

Autumn has been teething since just before Christmas, when she was 3 months old. I felt sorry for her, even more so as she didn’t quite have the coordination of babies who are of average teething age (around 6 months) to hold teething toys in her mouth herself.

Here are my top tips for helping a little one that is teething and lacks the coordination to help themselves very much:

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What I wore to Download Festival 2017

In Flames at Download 2017

Before I went to Download festival, I wasn’t really sure what to wear. Of course, it’s a rock and metal event, so clothing doesn’t matter as much as a lot of the other festivals around.

However, I didn’t want to be underdressed or stick out like a sore thumb, so I did some research on the internet first. I found other blogs and trawled google images, searching “What to wear to Download festival“. View Post

A tale of tongue tie, bonding issues & a healed heart

This is a guest post from someone I know in real life. She is also a first time mum and wanted to share her story to help other mums. I’ve previously shared my stories of how Autumn fell critically ill at 2 weeks old, my subsequent anxiety and how we had to give up breastfeeding. However, a lot of mums have a tough time in one way or another.

This powerful story discusses bleeding in early pregnancylabour with some complications, bonding issuestongue tie and a failed tongue tie procedure once the baby was born. Please be warned that it may be triggering for some.  View Post

Sunday Review: The Charming Candle Co.

It’s a very rare moment these days that I get to sit back and relax. I’ve had some anxiety issues since childhood and am not very good at relaxing. However, one way I like to relax is with some lovely scented candles. Recently, I’ve seen candles online where there is a hidden treasure waiting inside! Dave bought me one the year before last which looked like a Pokeball and had a little plastic Pokemon inside it. However, in a classier move which is more suitable to most people’s tastes, The Charming Candle Co. have jewellery inside theirs. (That’s not to say I didn’t love the Pokemon one I was given though, being the geek I am).  View Post