Review: DoodleJamz – mess-free drawing pad

Review – Gifted¦ Autumn loves getting creative and has been annoyed before when we’ve told her she can’t take her paper and pens in the car on a journey! She’s been very pleased to put DoodleJamz to the test, as she can now draw in the car. DoodleJamz are able the same size as a small tablet and are sensory drawing pads that provide hours of fun! They’re also very reasonably priced and would make an excellent non-chocolate Easter gift!

About DoodleJamz

These drawing pads are great sensory fun as well as allowing children to get creative without making a mess (result!)  They contain safe, non-toxic gel or beads that you can mould into place using either your fingers or the supplied stylus. They have a background that has two sides for double the fun! Moreover, you can also go to the DoodleJamz website to print any picture of your own to size!


It’s very satisfying squishing around the beads to decorate the emoji faces that come with this DoodleJamz! Our printer isn’t very happy at the moment. However, once we get some photos of family and friends printed off, Autumn will be entertained giving us Easter bunny makeovers and different hairstyles for hours!

In the meantime, I asked my brother to print off a cute picture of an Easter bunny. We decorated it and give it an Easter egg! The eagle-eyed of you may notice it doesn’t quite fill the frame. Make sure when you print from the DoodleJamz website that you don’t have print margins on!

DoodleJamz non-chocolate gift Easter bunny


There are two layers of transparent coloured jelly in these boards. It looks really cool! This DoodleJamz is a completely different experience, as you can draw pictures using negative space when you push the jelly aside either using a finger or the stylus. Then once you’re done, you can simply give it all a good squish to erase your artwork and start again!

DoodleJamz jelly pics

DoodleJamz retail for £4.99 each and you can find them now at Smyths Toys.

Disclosure: We were gifted two DoodleJamz for the purpose of this review. As always, all views and opinions are honest and my own.

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