How to style a tween bedroom that will age with them

Collaborative Post¦ You enter your child’s room to see walls are no longer adorned with posters of cartoon characters, their once-favourite teddy bear is strewn across the floor, and their toys haven’t been touched in months. It hits you – your little one isn’t so little anymore. One moment, it’s all about toys and cartoon characters, and the next, the tween years hit and they’re into astronomy, superheroes or music bands. Such rapid shifts can pose a design dilemma for parents: How do you create a space that reflects your child’s current passions but also stands the test of time? With a blend of creativity and timeless design, you can put together a space that not only captures their current phase but can also grow with them over the years. Let’s dive in!

Start with a neutral canvas

As enticing as it might be to choose the trending colour of the season or a theme-specific piece of furniture, it’s wise to think long-term when it comes to your tween’s sanctuary. Keep the larger design elements of their room, like their bed frame, neutral. This provides a base that allows the design to grow with them. This also goes for their walls. While it can be tempting to add some colour with a feature wall, sometimes it’s best to stick to calming neutrals like beige or cream.

With a neutral canvas, you can give your child the freedom to express themselves without the need for a complete overhaul every few years. Want to transition from dinosaurs to stars? Swap out the dino decals for glow-in-the-dark star stickers. Is the obsession moving from ballet to abstract art? Trade the ballerina prints for vibrant art pieces. Changing out smaller decorative items can be a great way to update their space, without having to do a complete makeover. 

Go for adaptable and functional furniture 

While the aesthetic appeal is important, furniture choices play a pivotal role in ensuring the room ages gracefully alongside your child. These pieces shouldn’t just look stylish, they should be versatile and functional. 

Some dual-purpose designs to look out for include: 

  • Bed with trundle: perfect for sleepovers, trundles slide out when needed and can be tucked away effortlessly when not in use. 
  • Storage furniture. Beds with storage can be a great way to keep their space neat and tidy, allowing for storage room as their interests change. 
  • Modular storage system. As your child’s interests grow, so does their collection of belongings – books, toys, or craft supplies. Modular storage systems adapt to these changes. Start with a basic structure and add or rearrange components as needed. The room can remain clutter-free while accommodating new hobbies.
  • Convertible desks. Initially a space for colouring and crafts, this desk could soon be a study hub or a space for hobbies. Convertible desks that come with adjustable heights or expandable workspaces are perfect for adapting to your child’s changing needs.

Personalise their space with accessories

Accessories can transform a space from ‘just another room’ to a personal sanctuary. When creating the perfect tween bedroom, accessories become your most powerful design tool, and be a great way to show off their growing personality. Some popular accessories to implement in their space may include:

  • Wall art. Posters of their current favourite band, artwork they created, or even a motivational quote can become central pieces. Once they’ve moved on from that phase, you can easily update the artwork to something new.
  • Themed bedding. Today it’s all about outer space, tomorrow it might be abstract patterns. Bedding is one of the simplest ways to instantly transform a room. With a neutral base, as discussed earlier, it’s easy to swap out quilt covers and cushions to match.
  • Decorative accents. Think throw pillows, lampshades, or even small figurines on a shelf. A sequined pillow for some sparkle, a globe for the budding geographer, or a quirky clock for a touch of fun – the choices are endless!

Encourage them to create a space to call their own

Your tween stands on the cusp of many transformative years and their room can play a pivotal role in this journey, serving as a space for self-discovery and expression. 

One of the best things you can do during this phase is give your child a voice in shaping their room. Sit down with them, discuss ideas, colours, and themes. Dive into Pinterest boards or flip through magazines. Make it something that you work on together! Not only does this provide them with a sense of ownership, but it’s also an opportunity for bonding, understanding their changing preferences, and for creating a space that they genuinely love. Grab your tween and together you can create a space they will truly love for years to come.

Cover photo by Kenny Eliason on Unsplash