A letter to my daughter at 13 months

Dear Autumn,

Yet another month has gone by so quickly, you’re now 13 months old! I’ve gone back to work this month. Although I’m not working full time, I’m spending over 24 hours a week away from you and that feels an awful lot. Fortunately, you seem to have adjusted well and seem to enjoy your time with your childminder. I think that you’ve adjusted a lot better than I have, actually. The first day I went back to work, the things I was able to do that I can’t with you around were something of a novelty. The second day I spent in the office, I kept thinking of you and felt tearful several times. I just have to try and remind myself that it’s for your own good that I’m doing this.

If I didn’t go back to work, Daddy and I would struggle to keep a roof over our heads. You’re also getting to go to different groups every day and interact with different children. Your childminder’s time is more devoted to you in a way. If you were with me, you wouldn’t be going to so many groups. I’d be running around stressed, trying to do household chores and keep you out of mischief.

Anyway, let’s take a look at what you’ve been up to this month.


Your vocabulary is extending all the time! This month you haven’t stopped saying Daddy. Your childminder thinks you said ‘doggy’ to her dog, you’ve said ‘ca’ to the cat and said ‘teddy’ to your teddy bear. However, Daddy is the word that you really like, choosing to say it over and over again. You do sometimes say things that sound like words, although we can’t be sure. I’ve definitely heard you say ‘baby’ to your doll though.


Went ‘oop norf’

Mummy went to BlogOn Xmas, her first blogging conference a couple of days after you turned 1. This resulted in both you and mummy going up north for the first time! You shared Daddy’s birthday with him, with a visit to Old Trafford.


While you were there, you got to look at the shiny trophies. Then when you got to the shop, Daddy bought you some cute Man U pyjamas!


He also took you to the Sea Life centre where you waved at the fish and tried your very best to get into the tank with the sting rays. You also stroked a sea snail!

Sea snail, Sea Life centre Manchester

Become cuddly

It upset me for so long that you weren’t cuddly! This month, however, you’ve started cuddling some of your toys. You love cuddling your cuddly dog from your auntie, your teddy bears and your dolly. Sometimes you put your hands up in the air when you want us to hug and/or lift you! I love that I get hugs from you again without squirming away. Granted, they often only last two seconds before you’re off again. However, I really appreciate them after not being able to hug you for so long!


You’ve learnt how to point. You used to just wave at things that you wanted, but now you can point at them! You even pointed at Daddy’s pocket while you were eating breakfast the other day because you wanted his phone. It was also very cute when you pointed at this picture of Daddy on my computer screen and said “DADDY!” in delight.

Dave in Greenwich Park

Played new games

When we went to visit Great Nanna one afternoon, you were heading towards her mantelpiece to reach out for her ornaments. We quickly moved them out of your way, leaving behind a doily. I decided to make up a game, putting it on your head and exclaiming “DOILY ON YOUR HEAD!” You found this hilarious and were taking the doily off of your head and putting it on mine. You have the most beautiful giggles!


Pumpkin Picking

We went pumpkin picking when you were 5 weeks old, the day before your operation. However, we’ve decided to turn it into a tradition and we took you back to PYO pumpkins this year! You even had the same outfit, just in a bigger size!

1 year old, PYO Pumpkins, Beluncle Farm, Hoo, Rochester

You had great fun and were delighted when Daddy gave you a small pumpkin to hold in your pushchair. We had to take it away when you started trying to lick the mud off of it though!

Autumn and pumpkin

When we got to the display at the end, you adored the pumpkins. You particularly took a liking to a huge one, which you hugged.

Greenwich Park

We went for a lovely walk in Greenwich Park with Daddy over the last week. There were so many beautiful Autumn leaves everywhere! We had a lovely time crunching leaves and looking at them with you.

Autumn and family, Greenwich Park

You even met your first squirrel! You were a bit tired and grumpy by that point, but you waved it goodbye as it scampered off!

Local Parks

We’ve also been for some lovely visits to some local parks, having fun on the swings and with your birthday trike.

If there’s something going back to work has showed me, it’s how much I love spending time with you. It makes me so upset only getting to see you for an hour or so on the day that I’m in the office all day. That hour of quality time means so much to me and I love having fun with you splashing in the bath and playing with your bath toys.

You’re my sunshine on these grey, cloudy, windy October days and I love you so much. You are a dream come true.

All my love always,

Mummy xxx

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