After 2 years, Covid finally got us!

While I was laying in bed last week, I realised that I don’t use the blog for life updates nearly as much as I used to. Along with other content, it used to very much be a diary of Autumn’s first couple of years. I miss that! So, it’s not the most positive life update, but we finally got Covid-19 after just over two years of waiting for it to enter our household.

The First Two Years

What a long, but short, and generally weird couple of years it’s been since the pandemic hit. Time seems to have gone past in a very strange way. It feels like life has begun a different chapter. The world before seems totally alien to me now. It seems like such a long time since that first week of lockdown when we thought we were only going to be isolating for 3 weeks before having some kind of normality.

The first year was spent pretty much self-isolating, trying to avoid Covid. It was all still so new and I was very anxious about it as I was pregnant with Reuben. Once he was born, we remained cautious. However, life started to adapt and move on. I was still concerned about catching it, though, as several relatives are vulnerable and I work around vulnerable people.

Catching Covid

As time has gone on, it has become apparent that it wasn’t a case of if we caught Covid, it was a case of when.

We had a lovely first week of the Easter holidays. Highlights included a trip to Hever Castle, a farm and baking blueberry muffins. As we got to the middle of the week, I noticed Autumn had a cold. A bit of a cough and a runny nose, nothing out of the ordinary. On Saturday evening, I heard my husband cough and thought it sounded a little suspect. Still thinking it was probably just Autumn’s cold, I suggested that he take a test.

Only a couple of minutes passed after him taking the test before the second red line appeared. Great. It felt very surreal that Covid-19 was finally in our house after managing to avoid it for all this time.

Unsurprisingly, Autumn tested positive the next morning. What was surprising was that I wasn’t positive! Unfortunately, it took another couple of days for me to catch up. This meant that all the rest of our plans for the second week of the school holidays were definitely out of the window. My Mum kindly got us doughnuts delivered to cheer us all up! Thankfully, we still had our sense of taste and smell so we could enjoy them.

Creams Lotus Biscoff doughnut

Our Covid Experience

I knew it was going to be rubbish when we got it, but the timing really wasn’t great! My husband felt quite poorly for a few hours, but unfortunately I felt quite unwell for days. I couldn’t work on the blog or socials because I couldn’t think straight and my head was fuzzy. I had a strange headache unlike one I’ve ever had before and my whole body ached, so much so that I couldn’t sleep. Luckily, the children only seemed to have it like a mild cold.

After a couple of days, I began to perk up. Autumn was absolutely bouncing off the walls by now, so it was just as well I was able to do things with her once again! We did some more baking, Easter crafts and gardening.

However, her most favourite thing of all was the Mash’ems Easter hunt we did! I had been planning to do this elsewhere, but as we were staying at home, we did it in our back garden. With a little bit of creative thinking, it still worked well and she really enjoyed it.

I was also very glad to be back in action as Autumn had been pretty much occupied by the tablet for 2 entire days straight. While I was in bed feeling horrendous, Dave still had to work and look after house and home. Therefore, the tablet was the best way to keep her occupied. Now that she was away from it, she was noticing more things around her. Usually, if she’s on the tablet it’s hard to get her attention. Even if I do try to show her something, she only looks for a second, uninterested. I was delighted to hear her excitedly calling me to tell me there was a beautiful bird outside:


Now I’m just hoping I test negative today so I can get on with life again! I’m bored of staying at home now and there are things I need from the shops.

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  1. Oh no! Sending love and hugs. I hope you are all feeling better now and you have got the negative test. Myself and my family are in the minority now, we’ve never caught it and I am hoping we can still avoid it. x

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