5 Services You Can Easily Switch to Save Money for the Rest of the Year

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Collaborative Post¦ Subscription services are among the most costly bills people have these days. But there are always alternatives to which you can switch to save money.

Communications Providers

It’s pretty tricky to manage modern life without the internet. And with working so hard, you downright need TV and movies to escape for a little while. But you are probably paying too much for your packages. For example, it’s nice to have the fastest internet available. But for streaming Netflix and other services in 4K you only need a connection of 25MB per second. So you can safely downgrade from your expensive 500MB with no issue. You might be locked into a contract but consider no-lock packages services like NBN for your next internet provider.

Digital TV and Satellite

Digital TV is a godsend if you love to watch. But how much do you really watch? If you really think about it, it’s not as much as you think. And you probably only watch about a quarter of the channels you have. Ditching expensive contracts in favour of no-contract streaming services are becoming more popular. But you can even get a lot of media for free, such as the UK’s Freeview. Many channels that were once only available on things like Sky TV are now available on Freeview. And most streaming exclusives eventually make their way to free channels.

Switch to Save Money on Utilities

The energy crisis has gotten everyone thinking about where they can save on gas and electricity more than ever, with a price increase of 60%. You might be tempted to stick with your energy provider in the hopes it will get better. And it might. But energy regulators often recommend regularly switching to save money. This can be a lot of work and a bit of a headache. But you can save a lot of time by using price comparison websites like USwitch and Compare the Market. They are free to use, and they can even make the switch for you.

Swimming and Gym Memberships

Gym memberships are some of the most unused things people get. Usually, at New Year as part of an unattainable resolution. But they are pretty expensive if you want to go to some of the more exclusive establishments. But there are gyms and swimming pools everywhere, all with different costs. If you aren’t bothered about upscale bars, spas and saunas, you can switch to a basic package or another establishment. You probably want to work out and go home for the most part. Which you can do at half the price of a complete membership package.

Books and Magazines

If you are an avid reader, then there’s nothing quite like the smell and feel of a book. Or, if you love your mags, you are right at home when you can feel and smell glossy ink. But print costs more than even these days. Fortunately, you can switch to digital versions of most of your favourite magazines for a fraction of the cost. And services like Kindle Books have almost everything ever printed in digital format at much lower prices. Of course, buying a tablet will cost you some money. Still, you can get amazing Kindles for reading at very reasonable prices.


You can switch most of your services. For example, you are probably paying for an internet that’s too fast for your needs. And you never use most of the features of your gym membership.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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