What To Do When You Hate Where You Live

Collaborative Post¦ Maybe you’re so far away from everything, maybe you’ve got some nasty neighbours, maybe the house you live in is just too run down for your liking – there are so many reasons you might hate where you currently live! But thankfully, there are plenty of things you can do to rectify the situation, and make sure you start to really love the property you’ve settled into. So with that in mind, here’s a low down of the best things to do next. 

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Could You Renovate?

Renovating your home is the number one project to turn to when you hate where you live. Even just putting a new coat of paint on the wall can make your home look a lot more personable. Scatter some more cushions around, get a rug or a new set of pans for the kitchen – just make a physical change! 

Or if you’d rather, you can see if you’re in a position to move. Even when you’re looking for a bad credit mortgage broker to salvage your current finances, you can hold hope that you can soon move onto greener pastures. And whilst you’re at it, make sure the move is kept as low stress as possible! You’ve already gone through enough with your current property and you wouldn’t want to taint your new home from the get go. 

Make Some New Connections Where You Are

If you hate your home because you’re away from everyone you know and love, we’ve got a quick but involved solution for you: make some friends where you are. We know, it’s a lot easier to say this than it is to actually do it, but once again we can help you out there! 

See if there are any clubs or social groups around that you can check out – even just turning up for a couple sessions to scope things out can make you feel more like a member of the community. And once you’re there, you just need to make a small effort to chat to some people! Then get online and see if there are people near you also looking to make friends; apps like Bumble can help you to connect and make your home much more comfortable for you. 

Spend More Time Outside

Finally, if you’re constantly hating what you see around you, but you’re not able to move out right now, just spend a bit more time out of the house. Get into nature and surround yourself with fresh air and green fields. Take the dog along with you and pick some flowers on walks out of the house. 

Make it a habit to get out just to be out once a day and you might find you actually quite enjoy being where you live! It’ll certainly help you to appreciate getting home again and putting the kettle on!

If you hate where you live, sometimes you just need a new perspective. Make some friends, get outside, and save up to move. 

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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