An interview with Autumn, age 5

When Autumn was a baby, this set of questions circulated around many parenting blogs. I couldn’t wait for her to be able to talk and now she’s never quiet! By the time she turned 2, she was speaking enough for us to have a decent conversation. As such, I asked her these questions for the first time! Since then, I’ve asked her these questions each year. It’s fascinating to listen to her answers and document them year after year. Some of them stay the same, while other change quite drastically! Here’s a little insight into Autumn’s perspective on life as a (just turned) 5 year old!

1. What is something mummy always says to you? Love you!

2. What makes you happy? My Mummy, Daddy, Reuben and Maisie. And my other family and my elephants and my new balloon, my unicorn one.

3. What makes you sad? Erm, when Kitty needs to go in the wash. Or deer maybe, or maybe if this balloon did go away. (Interesting, I think she gave the same answer about her favourite cuddly toys last year!)

4. What makes you laugh? Reuben because he’s a bit funny. Because he smiles and makes me happy.

5. How old are you? 5

6. How old is Mummy? 19? (Mummy wishes!)

7. How old is Daddy? 13? Was it 13? (Close! He just turned 30!)

8. What is your favourite thing to do? Play with Reuben and play with my friends and do colouring. Especially at my school!

9. Who is your best friend? I have LOTS of best friends!

10. What do you want to be when you grow up? I wanna be a hairdresser. (That’s a recent change, she’s been saying an artist/baker for months!)

11. What are you really good at? *Sad voice* I don’t really know…maybe colouring I guess. And making people laugh…I guess…I think.

12. What are you not very good at? Doing a grass trumpet and blowing balloons up.

13. What did you do today? Coloured at school.

14. What is your favourite food? You know what I’m gonna say…*whispers* McDonalds!

15. What is your favourite song? Make upped ones and erm, um, and um, that erm Frozen 2 and Frozen 1 songs and UK Huh (hehe, she means UK Hun from RuPaul’s Drag Race UK)

16. What (did) you want for your birthday this year? I wanted some people to get me this *carries Play Doh set over to me* and my great big Lego…and those pens!

17. What is your favourite animal? Cats and giraffes!

18. What is your favourite colour? Pink! Red, purple…

19. What is love? Hugging each other? And helping each other, I guess?

20. What does Daddy do for work? He goes on his laptop. Or goes to his office. (He’s not been to the office since March 2020, it’s interesting that she said that!)

21. Where do you live? Er, Rochester? Which road is this called?

22. Where is your favourite place to go? To Peppa Pig World (Er, that’s random…we’ve never been!)

With her recently starting school and ballet lessons, I’m sure she’ll change so much in the next year. I wonder what her answers will be in October 2022!


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