10 thoughts about my child starting primary school

Contains sponsored links¦ The summer holidays has finally come to an end (thank goodness in many ways, Reuben hasn’t really slept since he had bronchiolitis and it’s been a stressful few weeks!) Now the time has finally come for Autumn to start school. As a September-born baby, she’ll be one of the oldest in her year. As a result, I’ve had more time with her to myself than I would have done if she was born later in the school year. I’ve had way more time than I expected as a result of the pandemic, so I feel very lucky in some respects.

I’m really happy with the choice we made for Autumn’s school and I’m sure she’ll be happy there. It doesn’t seem like long since we were checking out OFSTED reports and league tables for primary schools trying to make a decision. Now we’re here with our baby who is suddenly a child in uniform that looks way too big and grown-up for her. However, I think I’m ready for her to go to primary school. I’m full of a lot of thoughts…and a lot of feelings too! *Sobs into laptop*


How on earth have we got here SO QUICKLY? I swear she was a toddler having a tantrum on the floor of the local shopping centre only a couple of months ago!


How am I old enough to have a child of school age? Wait, if I’d had a child at 16, I’d have a 12 year old. Wait, I’m legally old enough to have a child in SECONDARY SCHOOL?!


I wonder what the other children are like. I hope that she makes lots of lovely friends – and I hope nobody upsets her. Kids can be so mean!


I’d better wash the front door down before I take *those* pictures for the first time! I’m so excited to post them on Facebook! Will people think I’m sad? I don’t care, I’ve waited years for this parenting rite of passage!!!!


Wow, I feel like a proper grown up labelling all this uniform. Thank goodness I don’t have to hand stitch labels on like the ones on my uniform in the 90s! Just grab the iron and voilà!

Stikets school labelling iron on stickers


I need to label EVERYTHING, because wow, uniform is expensive! Is this in an obvious enough place to be seen if she lost it?!


Is she even going to get to the playground? Or is she going to just sit in the hall and eat her lunch for the entire lunch time?


Help!!! Some of the Year 5s are as tall as me and she’s going to be as big as them in only another 5 years?! The last 5 have gone so fast and something tells me the next 5 are only going to go faster!


Noooo, no more last minute or cheap holidays like our amazing ones at Bluestone! With school holiday prices and prices of UK holidays inflating due to Covid-19, will we ever be able to afford to go on holiday again?!


It’s so weird that I’m only going to see her in the mornings, evenings and weekends most weeks. I’m going to miss her so much!

Autumn is so excited to start primary school and I can tell she’s so ready for it! She’s so keen to learn and really needs that extra mental stimulation. She can write her name, count well, recognises most of her letters, can use a knife and fork, use the toilet independently and get herself dressed. We’ve been reading books and watching the CBeebies Time for School Series. Yet, as prepared as she is, I don’t think I ever will be! All her uniform is neatly ironed hanging in the wardrobe and there’s head lice lotion in the cupboard just in case. However, I’m pretty sure that I will be a blubbering mess as soon as I leave the school gates!

How did you feel about your child’s first day of primary school? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

2 thoughts on “10 thoughts about my child starting primary school”

  1. Aww! Such a big milestone. I hope Autumn has had a great first day at school and settles in well.
    I cried buckets when my two started school. They were fine though, waltzed in without even looking back. lol x

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