Review: Stikets personalised labels and stickers

Autumn is just like most other children her age; vivacious and constantly onto the next thing. Of course, this can lead to their clothes and other possessions getting lost if you take your eye off them for even a second. We’ve managed to lose cups at soft play and we’ve nearly left her coat behind too. Recently, I started thinking it could be a good idea to start putting stickers on things. This is where Stikets come in!


The basic pack was a good fit for our family, containing 142 stickers:

  • 48 small iron-on name labels
  • 82 name stickers (36 mini, 24 small, 20 medium and 4 big)
  • 8 shoe labels
  • 2 small bag tags

I’m sure that we’ll still have some of these in a couple of years time when she goes to school! We’ll probably need top ups of the shoe labels though.

They arrived very quickly and were well presented in a folder clearly marking where each type of sticker is.

Stiket personalised stickers for clothing and keyrings


The stickers and labels come in a good variety of sizes, so there should be a sticker to suit any purpose. I like that you can add a phone number to them when you order too. There is a good choice of colours and pictures to put on the stickers. The print is a fair quality and I’d say they’re reasonably priced.

Stikets labels

The iron-on name labels are simple and easy to use, taking mere seconds to apply with an iron on high heat. There’s no need to worry about sewing name labels on things when these are so quick to apply!

Name label on coat - Stikets

The tags will be very useful for putting on Autumn’s bag when we go on holiday. I’m also very glad of the shoe stickers, as she has quite a habit of taking her shoes off when we’re out and about.

Overall, I’m very glad with the products we received!

Disclosure: I was gifted the aforementioned stickers, labels and tags for the purpose of this review. As always, all views and opinions are honest and my own.

6 thoughts on “Review: Stikets personalised labels and stickers”

  1. These look great, they would be very handy for cub camp which I have been packing for this week and naming everything from his unifrom to his underpants!

  2. Aren’t they just?! You can pick just one colour, but of course I picked a selection. Why have one colour when you can have many? 😀

  3. These are lovely! We’ve come a long way since the vile black and white strips when I was little. These are so pretty.

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