This Time This Year

Recently, I remembered that I wrote a post called ‘This Time Next Year’ about a year ago. I thought it would be interesting to look back over it, see what my questions were to myself and answer them! I’d also set myself some goals, but have I achieved them?


  • Continue blogging – Achieved – I’m still here writing!
  • Kick anxiety to the kerb – Not achieved, sadly. I’d hoped to get much less anxious, but I had a relapse at the beginning of this year. I’m trying to learn to relax more and working on building my confidence up again.
  • Continue taking Autumn swimming – Achieved! We had a break last summer, as I didn’t know what I was doing regarding returning to work. However, we returned to Puddle Ducks in December and are really enjoying it once again. She’s making so much progress and I think it’s doing wonders for her as well as being fun.
    Medway Kent baby swimming lessons Puddle Ducks
  • Revamping my wardrobe – Well, I haven’t really achieved this! I’ve bought a few new things, but it definitely isn’t revamped. I’m still mostly wearing things I’ve had for years. Like a lot of mums, I think I mainly concentrate on my child’s clothing instead!
  • Saving more money – I’ve kind of achieved this. I have more saved than I did this time last year, but not by much. Children are expensive! I really need to get better at saving money again.
  • Not getting more parking fines – Well, despite getting two fines within the space of a fortnight last year, I have managed to avoid getting anymore *touch wood*. Achieved! 🙂
  • Working out how to continue with my degree – Not achieved. I’m so busy and exhausted, I have no idea how to add my degree into the mix. It’s so interesting and I really want that qualification though. Fortunately, I have 16 years in total in which to do it.
  • Spend more time with Dave – Well, we’ve managed to have a couple of dates now! Autumn doesn’t suffer such bad separation anxiety anymore, which is a HUGE relief. We have been working on spending more quality time together recently, ditching the tech of an evening sometimes.


  1. How is Autumn doing? What has she learned how to do recently?
    Autumn is doing very well. She’s pretty accident prone though and we recently had to take her to A&E as she bumped her head and it came up in a massive bump. Fortunately, all was okay! Recently, she’s learning words like crazy. The words cooker, sofa, car and turtle come to mind first.
  2. How are you and Dave? You’ve been together just shy of 10 years now! Everything good?
    Yes, I’d say everything’s good! Obviously there are more pressures than there used to be, but we work through them. We’ll be at Bluestone for our 10th anniversary, so I’m looking forward to that! We went back in November and it was amazing. It’ll be nice to experience it at a different time of year.
  3. Are you still driving the same car?
    Yes, I am! I’m still very fond of my little car, too.
  4. What has changed from this time last year?
    Autumn is SO big! When I look back to this time last year, she was so tiny. She’s got a mind of her own now and definitely has ‘terrible twos’ moments, despite the fact she’s not two for a few months yet. We also lost Dave’s Grandad last July, which was something I certainly didn’t expect this time last year.
  5. Are you happier than this time last year?
    Unfortunately, I wouldn’t say so. Hopefully, as summer and better weather comes my confidence will increase and I’ll feel happier once again.
  6. Anything else you want to add?
    Not really, except a picture of Autumn because she’s so cute, of course!

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