10 things I love about my car

My car isn’t a Lamborghini, it isn’t my dream Land Rover Defender 110, or a beautiful classic Mini with sparkling chrome. I’m not sure whether it would be anyone’s dream car, in fact, and it isn’t perfect. It has a few little dents scattered here and there and I need to touch up some of the paintwork. However, I am very fond of my little Toyota Yaris. 

1. Driveability

My car drives so smoothly and I enjoy driving it. I previously had a Daewoo Matiz, and let’s just say that driving it was…an experience. It was cheap and cheerful though, and helped me to get the practice I needed before my driving test. However, when I got this car, I appreciated the smoothness of it even more as I’d previously felt like I was driving a rollerskate.

2. Freedom

I have the freedom to go where I want to go without having to rely on public transport. It has given me the freedom to go to various local events, go for lovely walks at the park and visit friends and family more frequently. Autumn wouldn’t have experienced a lot of the things she has if I didn’t have a car. This car will always have a special place in my heart, as it’s allowed me to share so many wonderful memories with Autumn.

Baby Autumn in Car

3. Practicality

I can get where I want to much more quickly. Some of our favourite places to go only take 10 minutes in the car, but would take around an hour and a couple of bus changes to get to.

4. Its “face”

I know this sounds silly, but ever since childhood, I’ve always paid attention to the “faces” of cars. I’ve always liked a friendly face, rather than an angry or bored looking one. When I’ve looked to buy cars in the past, I always put MK4 Fiestas to the bottom of the list, because I just don’t like their face!

I love the fact that when I come back to the car park, my car always looks happy to see me! Yes, yes, slightly ridiculous, I know. My Dad laughs at me too.

5. Boot space

Having ample boot space is important to me. As anyone with a baby will know, leaving the house is something of a military operation! I need enough room for passengers, as well as having enough room for the pushchair, changing bag and a little bit of shopping. The boot size is adjustable, which is also very useful. It definitely has nowhere near the amount of room that an estate car has, but it suits me just fine.

6. Petrol costs

My 1.2 litre engine means that I don’t pay an arm and a leg for petrol. I’ve never filled the tank right up, but £25 takes me up to around 3/4 full or just over. I don’t find myself refuelling very often, as the journeys I make are generally 10 miles or less.

7. Colour

I love the colour. I can never decide whether it’s silver or blue. On a bright sunny day, it looks lovely and blue. On an overcast or rainy day, it looks silver. It’s kind of like having two cars for the price of one, in a way! It’s also shimmery and metallic, so it looks lovely when it sparkles in the sun.

I love my 2004 Yaris

8. Hills

This sounds ridiculous too, but I can go more than 25 mph up a hill! With my old car, I’d feel so embarrassed going 25 mph on a road with a 50 mph speed limit. However, it wasn’t my fault. It just didn’t have the power to get up hills very well, even when I changed down gears! I love being able to actually accelerate up a hill and being spared the embarrassment!

9. Storage

I love having a good sized glove box, compartments either side of the central console and good sized cup holders. My old car had weird sized cup holders, and if you put a drink in it, it’d kind of get in the way. I like having lots of room to store various things. In the winter, it was great being able to store my demister pad right next to the steering wheel.

10. It’s mine

Best of all, my car is mine! It’s my own little piece of freedom in every day life.

Laura and Toyota Yaris

What about the future?

I have such a massive list of cars I’d love to own. As a Land Rover enthusiast, I’d love quite a few Land Rovers, particularly a Defender 110. My favourite film is the Italian Job and I’d love a gorgeous chromey Mini. However, I also really like Hondas, particularly Civics. They look so fun to drive, and I love the sportier look they’ve been given over the last few years.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post in conjunction with Vertu Honda, for which I have received compensation.

4 thoughts on “10 things I love about my car”

  1. I remember my first brand new car was a Honda Civic. I loved that car so much! I miss it. It was the same color as yours and it drove so smoothly. It was great on gas too, which I loved. My favorite car is a 65 mustang convertible but I also love SUV’s. I would love to own a Nissan Pathfinder! You have a cute car. Enjoy it:) #blogcrush

  2. My wife’s car is a Yaris we love it get post made me chuckle going up hills but like us haha! Thanks for linking to the #THAT FRIDAY LINKY come back next week please

  3. I totally know what you’re on about with the car faces thing..I like smiley cars too! The freedom a car gives you is amazing, there’s no way I could be without mine, especially now I have kids xx #blogcrush

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