6 tips for doing a boot fair with a baby in tow

I’ve recently had a huge clear out. The amount of clutter everywhere was starting to make me feel a little stressed out, so I decided to take action. I’d toyed with the idea of doing a boot fair for a couple of years, but had never got round to it. I’d also heard lots of negative things about people stealing things and trying to haggle prices to ridiculous amounts.

However, now that I have a baby in tow, it’s harder than it once would have been! I’ve put together some tips based on my experience of the boot sale that I did a few weeks ago.

1. Be organised

Have everything ready and waiting the night before. Stack boxes near the door, ready to go into the car. Make sure that you have everything you need in the changing bag and have outfits ready for the next day. Go through a mental (or physical) checklist to ensure that you haven’t missed anything important that you’ll need, such as change or tarpaulins.

2. Bring a big blanket

We brought a huge throw from Primark with us for Autumn to safely crawl around on. We knew that she’d be unhappy if she was in our arms or her pushchair the whole time. However, with extremely long grass in the field, we weren’t comfortable with her crawling around in it. While she sometimes gets frustrated only being allowed to crawl in small areas, having a big blanket there was better than nothing!

Big blanket for baby at boot fair

3. Boot fair food

Often, the only food available to buy at boot sales is fast food. If, like me, you aren’t keen on the idea of your baby eating chips or burgers, you’ll need to take food with you. If your baby is younger and you can get away with just taking milk, even better! Think about what foods are less messy for your little one to eat, and try to take those. You’ll be busy, so the less time you have to spend cleaning up mucky fingers and faces, the better! Make sure you take enough, too.

Boot fair chips

4. Confinement

Of course, you need some way to confine your child to a certain area! Perhaps you have a playpen that would be suitable if the pitch is big enough. Otherwise, a pushchair or baby carrier/sling (or both) may be the best option. Also, remember to bring toys to keep them entertained!

5. Assistance

Of course, one of the most important things is having an extra pair of hands to help you! This is a good idea anyway at a boot sale, but in my opinion it’s absolutely essential if you have a small child with you. Both my husband and I being there meant we were able to juggle selling our items and taking care of Autumn.

6. Sun protection

Of course, you’ll be out in the open for a few hours. Therefore, it’s important to remember a hat they don’t like them(even if )ย and sun cream to protect young skin!

It wasn’t as hard to do a boot fair with a baby in tow as I thought it may be. In fact, she possibly helped us to make more sales. She attracted lots of attention, especially as she’d just started waving and was waving to almost everyone that approached!

4 thoughts on “6 tips for doing a boot fair with a baby in tow”

  1. Thanks! We strictly kept ourselves to our stall so that we didn’t spend all the money we earned ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Brought back memories of us taking our first born son to boot sales and so many people asking if they could buy him which was amusing for the first hundred times we heard it but then wore thin and everyone thought he was a girl. Still love boot sales but more of a buyer than a seller these days

  3. I’ve done a couple of car boots over the years and always had great fun. I haven’t tried it with the little ones yet but these tips would definitely help if we did. Great tip about taking plenty of change. I learned that the hard way first time around haha. Thanks for sharing with #DreamTeam x

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