Back to dance school with Bloch

Collaborative Post¦ It’s not just regular schools that have started up again this September. Dance schools are now back too, hooray! Autumn has always loved dancing. In fact, she first started dancing on my first Mother’s Day when she was 6 months old. She heard some music and started smiling and wiggling from side to side, moving her chubby little arms around. For years, she seemed content just dancing in whatever way her mood took her. However, recently she’s expressed an interest in ballet. As a child, I did modern, Irish and a little bit of tap. Therefore, it was very exciting to sign my daughter up for dance lessons and choose her ballet clothes from Bloch.

Browsing Bloch

Browsing the children’s dancewear on Bloch brought back the delight I felt when trying on new leotards and new jazz shoes as a young child. Here’s a throwback to 1998 for you!

Modern dance certificate 1998

Bloch really have anything you need for dance, with a variety of colours of leotards, skirts, dance shoes and other dance wear. They even have hair accessories and gifts for your favourite dancer! Established in 1932, you’re certainly in good hands with Bloch. Everything looks and feels such good quality and is fairly priced too.

Autumn’s Dancewear

Bloch kindly gifted us everything Autumn needed to start her ballet classes. We chose a leotard, ballet skirt, ballet tights and a wrap around top for the impending colder weather. As soon as I spotted sparkly ballet shoes, I knew Autumn would love those too!  It would be the icing on the cake for how princess-like and wonderful she felt in her dance clothes. After all, that’s how dancewear should make you feel. Confident, beautiful and comfortable to dance. It’s really hard to show in pictures, but the shoes really catch the light in the studio.

Gifted Bloch dance wear

We were also sent a gorgeous velvet scrunchie, a personalised water bottle, a purse for her dance money and a bag to transport her things in to and from her lessons. You see, almost 90 years of expertise from Bloch had us more prepared for lessons than I had the foresight for!

Bloch dancewear gifts and accessories gifted

In the week before her ballet classes started, it was all Autumn could talk about. She was so excited to tell anyone who would listen. She absolutely adores wearing her ballet clothes and prancing around, pointing her toes with her new friends. It’s going really well and is one of her absolute highlights of the week. It’s so lovely to watch her having such a passion for dance like I did when I was a little girl.

Ballet Bloch dancewear

I’m sure you can see from this picture how beautifully the skirt moves as she dances!

Bloch dancewear

Bloch dancewear and accessories

Thank you to Bloch for helping it to happen. I’m very impressed with their dancewear and will certainly be buying from them again in the future!

Disclosure: We were gifted the aforementioned items in return for this blog post. As always, all views and opinions are honest and my own.

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