How to choose a date for a wedding

Congratulations, you’re engaged. Hopefully you’ve got through the “I’m engaged, now what?” phase and are now trying to work out how to pick a date for your wedding.

Hopefully this list of 4ย things you should consider will help!

Is there a date or month that is special to you?

When Dave and I were thinking about what our wedding date would be, we could think of two dates that were significant to us. These were in June (the date we met) and in September (the date that we started dating).

I’ve known people to choose birthdays of loved ones of those who have passed as a way of remembering them, or even their own birthdays! If you absolutely love Christmas or Halloween, you may want to plan your wedding date around them!

Is there are a time of year you especially like?

Consider which season is your favourite. I absolutely love the summer and often feel the cold. The last thing I wanted was to be shivering and have to cover up my lovely dress! Summer was the obvious time of year for us to get married.

I’ve known people to plan weddings in the depth of winter, in the hope of snow or in the autumn so that they can have wedding photos with the beautifully coloured trees as a background.

If you’re not getting married in the peak wedding season, sometimes prices of wedding services are cheaper.

What day of the week do you want to get married on?

Weekends are the most popular days to get married on, as of course most people are off work and therefore more likely to be able to attend. However, Fridays are an increasingly popular day to get married on, as we did.

Of course, if you get married on a weekday, people may be annoyed by having to take a day off work. Hopefully they’ll understand, especially if it’s so that you can get married on a date that is significant to you. Sometimes it’s cheaper to get married and hire venues etcetera on a weekday (although this unfortunately didn’t apply to us!)

What year do you want to get married?

Try to plan out how long you’ll need to save for and plan your wedding. Also note the aforementioned suggestions ; for example, if you want to get married on a particular significant date but it falls on a Friday, you may wish to wait until the following year when it falls on a Saturday.


Have you decided when you’re getting married yet? How did you decide?

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  1. Good tips to think about. We picked the date we got together and three years later we were married on that very same weekend! I’m pleased we met in June – I think it’s a great month to get married. #AnythingGoes

  2. Great advice. I think if you choose to get married on a weekday you definitely have to accept the fact that people who work weekdays might not be able to make it if they already have their holidays etc planned
    Thanks for linking up to #AnythingGoes ๐Ÿ™‚

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