My thoughts on Autumn starting nursery

Time has seemed to elapse in a really strange way since becoming a parent. Sure, those early days (or rather nights) often felt so long, but the years have gone so quickly. I can’t believe I have a 3 year old! It seems almost impossible that that little bundle has turned into a proper person who talks and has her own little personality in such a short period of time. Now, next week my baby is off to nursery and I have a whole mixture of emotions!

Nursery is the first step into her schooling, which feels quite daunting to me. She even has a little uniform. It looks absolutely adorable and she’s so excited about it! However, I just can’t help but feel she looks far too little for it. How is she old enough to be wearing a uniform, when it feels like barely any time has passed since she was a baby, unable to walk or talk? I just don’t feel ready to let go yet, although I know I have to. It would do her no good to just be with me literally the whole time.

In another respect, I’m so proud of her. Seeing her thriving means so much to me, especially after she was so ill as a tiny baby. Generally speaking, she takes everything in her stride and is pretty chilled out. She is such a funny little character that I think she should be quite popular with the adults as well as the other children. She is so ready to go to nursery in terms of her development and social needs. She’s been asking me for months when she can go to school!

Still, I know there will be a few tears shed when I drop her off for the first time…and I don’t think any of them will be from her! It’s weird to think that this is the start of her educational journey; when she comes out of the other side of it she’ll be an adult. I can’t wait to hear about her new friends and all the fun she’s had learning new things. Nor can I wait to see the artwork she brings home and proudly show us. I just wish she could have stayed my little baby for a while longer.

3 thoughts on “My thoughts on Autumn starting nursery”

  1. Aww! They grow up so fast. My girls started just after their 3rd birthdays and it took them a while to settle but did. They loved it.
    Sending hugs. It’s a big milestone for you both. Good luck x

  2. Yes, it really does go so fast. Doesn’t seem two minutes since my little girl was born and she was 4 this week. Thinking about you and sending love, I think you will be amazed at how she develops very quickly as soon as she starts mixing with her peers. It is brilliant to see.

  3. They grow up way too fast. This last year especially has just gone in the blink of an eye – it’s really scary! Aww bless 🙂 Thank you x

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