Love: My thoughts on it at 16 years old

What is love? It sure is something the world could do with some more of right now. I was recently going through some things on my bookshelf, when I found something I’d written when I was 16. Dated the 8th of October, I had a vague recollection of writing it in 2008, when I’d been dating my husband for almost a month. Although I’d previously had a blog, I didn’t have one at the time. Really, it kind of is a blog post, but written on paper.

One of my best friends had asked me what love was, when I told her that I loved my boyfriend. She told me that she didn’t believe what I had was love, as I was only a teenager. She used examples of old couples where one has dementia and the other takes care of them as true love. While I believe that love gets stronger over time, I truly believed that what I felt at that time was love. The fact that I have now been happy with Dave for 9 years hopefully reflects that! After having the discussion we had over MSN messenger, I felt like I wanted to write about it. When I found this letter, it was interesting looking back and reflecting on my teenage thoughts about love.

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7 things you MUST know before wedding dress shopping

It sounds simple, right? Go to some shops and have fun trying on some dresses, until you find “the one”? It’s only when it comes to going to bridal shops that you realise there’s more to it. It helps to do some preparation before you go wedding dress shopping! Here are my top tips:

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Songfinch Review

Songfinch: Personalised song review

Songfinch are a US based company who offer personalised songs. You may not have heard of them, as they are a relatively new business.

I wanted to get my husband a unique and personal gift for our second wedding anniversary later this month. When Songfinch got in touch with me, I thought the concept behind ordering a personalised song sounded wonderful. I was eager and excited to try it out!

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4 things to consider when you’re choosing a wedding venue

So, you’re engaged and have now taken the first few steps. You may have chosen a date for your wedding too! In my mind, the next logical thing to organise would probably be the venue. I actually chose my dress before I decided on a venue, but in some cases you may wish to pick your venue first in case you have a theme or become inspired to have one that links into it. I personally think there are four main things that need to be considered:

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Engagement ring – does size matter?

As I’ve previously mentioned, when Dave and I got engaged I was 18 and he’d turned 19 the day before. He was in college, only had a Saturday job and most of his money from that went towards petrol and car maintenance in order to get to work and college. As such, he didn’t have much money spare to buy me an engagement ring and had put a lot of the money he received for his birthday the day before towards it.

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