Review: Lighthouse Clothing Abigail Coat

I am someone who really feels the cold. As such, by the time we get to spring I’m usually pretty miserable and just can’t wait for summer! Thank goodness we’ve had some beautifully warm spring days recently (although, typically,  I’ve had norovirus or Covid for most of the nicer weather we’ve had so far). Despite my hate of the cold, I do love a walk in the woods or by the sea at any time of the year. It’s so good for our health to get outside as much as possible. If it’s a chilly or windy day, I just need to wrap up warm and get myself outside before I overthink it. The promise of hot chocolate or a delicious soup on our return home never goes amiss either. A few months ago, Lighthouse Clothing approached me to review one of their products. The red Abigail coat instantly caught my eye. The navy version is lovely too, but I do love a pop of colour!

Putting ‘Abigail’ to the test

When it arrived, the weather was fairly mild. It was a nice weight to wear open on bright autumnal days, but I wanted to put it to the test properly before I wrote about it. Then some bitterly cold weather arrived followed by Storm Barra. I was so pleased to find that it was just as windproof as I’d hoped. Thanks to that combined with the 3/4 length, the bitter wind didn’t chill me at all as I headed from a shop to get a hot drink with my friends in November.

I have also been very appreciative of the gorgeously soft fleece lining over the winter. It kept me cosy. As the hood is lined with it too, it kept my head warm when the freezing rain fell. It fits well too. I often find that the hoods on coats are ridiculously big. They’re not at all practical when you’re trying to cross a road with a pushchair and therefore no hand to keep it out of the way or hold an umbrella instead in inclement weather. It’s so good to finally have a great coat that keeps me warm and dry and looks good as well as being practical.

Now that we’re into May, the weather is quite changeable, as usual. One day can be very chilly and windy, while the next day you’ll feel comfortable in a t-shirt! On colder days up to about 12 degrees, it has still been a lovely weight on me. It’s not too heavy and hasn’t left me feeling overly hot.

I won’t be putting it away for the summer, as it’ll be perfect for any coastal walks on cooler days or evening drinks with friends. Even during the daytime, I’ve needed a coat like this on some August days on holidays in Cornwall and Pembrokeshire!

Lighthouse Clothing Abigail coat

Fit, Quality and Practicality

Fit-wise, I’d say it’s pretty much true to size. I’m a size 6-8, with a bit of a ‘mummy tummy’ from my 15 month old son. The size 8 fits me well over a jumper, but is on the tighter side. Therefore, I’d recommend sizing up. However, unlike some coats, it is flattering on my stomach area!

The breathable material feels very nice quality and I adore the subtle Lighthouse Clothing branding. The attention to detail on this coat is just beautiful. The poppered flap pockets at the front are a good size. I can fit my phone, keys, tissues and gloves in there. They’re not deep enough to lose things, but there’s ample room for things you’re likely to keep in them.

Adding to the practicality is that the Abigail coat is machine washable. I find that coats that need dry cleaning simply aren’t practical for me now that I have children. I’ve already had to wash it several times over the winter! After a particularly muddy walk recently, in the machine it went. It has come out very nicely each time and doesn’t take as long to dry as I thought it might!

Lighthouse Clothing Abigail coat

This coat retails for £99 at Lighthouse Clothing. It’s currently low in stock or sold out in many sizes, but it’s certainly worth keeping an eye on for when they come back in! This coat definitely has me wanting more Lighthouse clothes, as the quality and practicality is just brilliant.

Disclosure: I received this coat in exchange for a review. As always, all views and opinions are honest and my own.

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