Modern modular sectionals perfect for your family room

Collaborative Post¦ Sectionals can be big and bulky, and they aren’t the easiest piece of furniture to move into a family room. Thankfully, even sectionals of old divided into at least two parts for easier movement through the average door. Today’s modular sectionals have taken these concepts to the next level, offering even more benefits to the people willing to play a bit with their living room furniture design.

Modular sectionals are just like the ones you’ve always known and loved, with the distinct difference that each piece will likely be just one seat, a chaise, or a storage spot. Modular sectionals give you the ultimate control over your seating in a more customizable way than previous homeowners enjoyed.

Here are the reasons that you should consider a modular sectional for your family room.

Sectionals give you the most seating in a smaller space

If you don’t have a large space for your family room, you can’t go wrong with modular sectionals. You can choose a configuration that will work perfectly for your space. Because the seating is all pushed together, you can fit more people into a smaller space without feeling overcrowded.

Of course, when the kids are bickering the sectional is large enough that you can easily separate them by having them sit on either side of the large sofa. Modular sectionals can include as many or as few seats as you like and will reasonably fit in your family room or living room. Make sure that you take note of the dimensions of each piece of the sectional so that you can be certain it will fit in your space as desired.

Choose modular sectional with the most options

The best part about modular sectionals is that you can pick and choose the pieces that make the most sense for your household. With enough pieces, you can rearrange them as the need arises. Whether you have company over for a movie watch party or have a houseful of preteens, modular pieces give you the flexibility to make the room work best for you on a moment’s notice.

You should also look for sectionals that have a chaise option. The chaise is perfect for watching movies with young children, as they are plenty big enough for them to use it as a temporary bed. Meanwhile, after the kids are asleep you can cuddle on the chaise and watch something rated higher than PG13.

You can also look for tech features and hidden storage in sectionals. Some sectionals now offer the ability to charge your phone from the armrest, or another USB charging station. Sectionals that have hidden storage beneath the seats, accompanying ottomans, or within the chaise give you a great way to store extra throws and pillows to settle in for binge-watching.

Other things to consider

Don’t get caught up in the excitement of being able to design your own sectional by ordering specific modular pieces. It can be a lot of fun to play around with the different configurations, but you also need to make sure that the sectional meet your needs in other ways.

To be used in a family room around smaller children, you need to make sure that the sectional will last as long as possible. Cushions that can have their casing removed and machine washed is ideal so that when spills happen they can be treated and cleaned right away to avoid permanent stains. Leather and vinyl are the best options for spill-prone children, but other upholstery treated with scotch guard or other additives are also suitable. You should also consider the color of your sectional. Darker colors hide stains better, and any time you have a family room filled with children, stains are almost inevitable.

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