Making memories last this autumn

Sponsored Post¦ I’m in the midst of one of the points of my life I’m going to want to remember the most. My children are growing so fast and I just want to capture every moment! This month alone, we have made so many new memories. I’m so thankful that we live in a time when it is so easy to take photos, as we always have a phone to hand. Gone are the days when we had to think about the expense of film. Gone too are the times of waiting to see how your precious photos turned out, only to find a stripe of colour across them where the film had gone funny or that you’d put your finger slightly over the lens.

The downside is that when we had fewer photos printed on film, we valued them more. I am so guilty of just leaving photos on my laptop and my phone. I rarely look at them, except from when they come up in my memories on social media apps. We’re currently in the process of rewiring our house before we can start redecorating. When we do, I’m planning to put so many more family photos on display. Such beautiful memories deserve to be on display – and I’m sure being surrounded by them will make me happy too! I’m also planning on printing the best ones out into photobooks for each year too, so that they’re easily accessible for us to look through whenever we want! Some of our memories from the last month are extra special and definitely worth having printed in one way or another.

Reuben learning to crawl

Reuben has been desperate to move around efficiently for months. For weeks, he was commando crawling around the room. Suddenly, something clicked at the beginning of September and he learned to move forward one leg, then the other. Now he is even speedier than before and pulling himself up on things too…help!!

Autumn started school

One of the biggest early milestones for a parent is surely their child starting school. Autumn was so excited and I was so emotional! She’s loving every minute of it and looks so smart in her school uniform. I’m so looking forward to having her cheeky little face in her uniform printed and displayed in a frame on the windowsill.

Autumn’s 5th Birthday

Autumn has been excited all summer about turning 5. It seemed so grown up to her (and me too, if I’m honest!) She asked me to make her a cake with more than one tier, pink with white polka dots and princesses on top. It was a real labour of love, but I managed to fulfil her order despite needing to learn new skills to do so! She had an amazing afternoon and evening playing with her friends, family and new toys.

Autumn started ballet

It wasn’t just regular school that Autumn started this month. She has also started going to dance school for ballet lessons! I’ll definitely be needing some ballet photos of her on the wall as she looks so sweet in her dance outfits! It has been wonderful watching her as passionate about dance as I was at her age.

Ballet Bloch dancewear

My husband’s 30th Birthday

Last week marked the end of my husband’s 20s. We had a great time celebrating his 30th birthday and I took some shots of him with his cake (a HUGE CHEESE!)

Amongst these milestones, there has been plenty of other fun too. Cooking together, a visit to the alpaca farm, camping and the garden and splashing in the paddling pool have all been captured by my adoring eye.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post with Bonusprint. As always, all views and opinions are honest and my own.

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