Review: Stylish Mum Breastfeeding Jumpsuit

Review (Gifted)¦ When you’re a breastfeeding mum, the way you shop for clothes changes. I used to buy clothes that my boobs wouldn’t come out of easily. Now, all my shopping decisions are made on how quickly I can whip them out. Many people opt for the one-up-one-down method and I do sometimes. However, I find clothes specifically designed for nursing the most practical. I’ve tried several well-known shops, but then I stumbled across Stylish Mum and I haven’t looked back! The latest item I’ve put to the test is the recently released jumpsuit.

Stylish Mum

When Reuben is super hungry, the last thing I need is to deal with fiddly clips or zips while he’s throwing himself around angrily on my lap. I love the fact that with my Stylish Mum clothes, I can easily get a boob out for him with one hand while I hold onto him with the other. The fact that the above-boob area is covered too makes it feel discreet. This is perfect for if you’re slightly nervous about breastfeeding in public like I am. They wash really well and the stretchy cotton fabric feels so soft and really good quality.

Discreet breastfeeding in Stylish Mum jumpsuit

Jumpsuit Review

I was excited to see that jumpsuits were being released. I already own a few Stylish Mum t-shirts and dresses, so it was great to have another wardrobe option from them. The lovely owner, Sarah, sent me a khaki jumpsuit to try. For reference, this is a size 6 and I am about 5’3″.

Stylish Mum jumpsuit

Now, the description on the website says that it is designed to be full length on petite mums, ankle grazing on tall mums and 3/4 length on taller mums. While I’m short, I’ve found that it’s actually somewhere between ankle grazing and 3/4 length on me. I’m putting this down to me having quite long legs for my height, but a short torso!

The shape of the jumpsuit is really flattering and the details are lovely. I adore the buttons at the back. I was a little worried they’d hinder me when I needed the toilet, but I found that I could pull the jumpsuit down even with them done up (phew!)

Stylish Mum jumpsuit

The leg shape is really nice and would work well at whatever length it fell. The panel under the wrap lifts up for  feeding time. It also helps to keep things a lot more modest than your usual wrap outfit.

The cherry on top is that it has POCKETS (as do Stylish Mum dresses). It annoys me to no end that women’s clothes don’t usually have pockets, yet my 9 month old has pockets on his trousers and dungarees. What’s that all about?! Of course, when we do get pockets, they’re usually tiny and useless. Well, the pockets on this jumpsuit are actually of a useful size. Perfect for quickly stashing my phone in when I see that Reuben has pulled himself into a precarious position again in the 0.000008 seconds I took my eyes off of him to read a message.

This jumpsuit is perfect for warmer days, or layering up with boots and a cardigan as we head further into autumn. It’s so comfortable, I almost feel like I’m wearing pyjamas all day when I’m wearing mine. Stylish Mum have done it again!

Stylish Mum jumpsuits in black and khaki are available from Stylish Mum for £36.99.

Disclosure: I was kindly sent the aforementioned jumpsuit from Stylish Mum for the purpose of this review. As always, all views and opinions are honest and my own.

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