The Essential Life Skills That Will Make You a Confident Mum

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Collaborative Post¦ If we are to be a confident parent, it’s about that combination of being trusting in our own skills, but also realising that there are essential skills that we should learn, while also understanding we need to develop ourselves at the same time in order to make life easier. There’s a lot of life admin skills that we should understand, so what are these, and how can they help us? 

Car Maintenance Skills

We couldn’t avoid mentioning this because it’s so important. Do you know what you would do if you had a burst tyre? Do you know how to top up your oil? These are all little things that are not just great in an emergency, but will help our car last longer. When we start to get into the habit of more DIY maintenance with regards to a car, we will be able to make better choices for the vehicle. You may find that the tyres you have are not able to help you go the distance. And better quality tyres from providers like will help your car last longer, and be a more efficient vehicle. 

First Aid

The skill of first aid will help us in every part of our lives. In order to be a confident parent, it’s about thriving when we are in those stressful situations. When someone is choking, knowing how to do the Heimlich manoeuvre is going to save someone’s life. The website has a list of the essential first aid skills we all need to have. We should all have these skills in our back pockets because of the very simple reason that it is the difference between life and death. 

Emergency Preparedness 

When any disaster hits, would you know what to do? Being prepared for an emergency may seem extreme, but in the modern world where climate change is causing more floods than ever, it is going to be that extra peace of mind so you can keep yourself and your family safe from harm. It’s never too late to prepare for an emergency. You can start by knowing the best escape routes in your local area, the key areas in your location that are prone to flooding, and if you were to experience flooding, having an action plan in place. 

The Skill of Negotiation

Many of us run away from negotiation. But it’s one of those skills that are so important in our lives. When you are contacting your utility supplier to query a bill, or you are faced with a tricky situation in life, learning how to negotiate effectively will provide you with a number of great opportunities.

Of the many duties we have as parents in life, we have to remember that our children will see how we go through life and subconsciously emulate our skills. This is why we should always learn how to improve ourselves, but also it is going to improve the quality of our life at the same time.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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