Bra shopping with a small band size is so stressful!

Ok, bear with me. I’m going to have a bit of a rant today. Why is it that most shops only sell bras from a 32 band onwards, or 30 if you’re very lucky? I’m one of these unfortunate women who always has to fork out a lot for a bra. I’ve never been able to pop into Primark for a nice cheap one and I’m always super limited for choice! For years I’ve been paying £18 at the very least for each bra; it must have cost me a fortune.

Boob or bust

A huge number of women are wearing the wrong bra size. However, an increasing number of women are becoming aware of how to measure their bra size properly. This is largely in thanks to Boob or Bust! This measuring advice group is a complete game changer! Facebook groups such as this have also made me more aware of how there are many other petite women in the same situation as me.

I’d never come across anyone else with such a small band size in real life before. It made me feel as though perhaps I really was just odd and that’s why I wasn’t catered for. Now, I know my size is fairly uncommon but there are still many of us, so I don’t understand why more bras aren’t made with smaller bands. Between my pregnancies, I had a band size of 26 which just doesn’t seem to exist in the UK so I had to settle for a 28!

Nursing bras

As if choice wasn’t limited enough usually, when I wanted to shop for a nursing bra a few weeks ago I had a real problem. There just didn’t seem to be any non wired ones in my size with good reviews that didn’t look like they belonged on a granny. Yes, I may have the average chest size of an 11 – 12 year old under the bust. However, I’m not 12, I’m nursing a baby and I need a bra that’s fit for purpose for a 20-something! One that I can wear in the summer under a strappy top or dress without embarrassment!


I understand as these sizes wouldn’t be extremely popular that shops wouldn’t  want to stock as many. However, surely it isn’t much hassle to make us small ladies bras? After all, it’s less materials but I’m sure we’d still be charged the same amount- so everyone wins in a way!

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