How to Take Care of Your Oral Health

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Collaborative Post¦ Oral health is important there’s no doubt about that. Keeping your gums and teeth healthy is something that you cannot afford not to do. Your oral health can affect your overall health

Teeth and gum problems can lead to a lot of issues not the least of which is your self-confidence and the loss of your teeth.

Oral health problems can lead to speech problems, and this can affect your career and personal life. The best way to prevent these problems from happening is to have a series of best practices that you do in order to keep your teeth healthy.

Brush Regularly

The foundation of all good oral hygiene is ensuring that you brush your teeth regularly. When you are brushing make sure that you brush the front, back, and top of your teeth. 

You should be brushing for at least three minutes. Do not scrub the brush back and forth, make sure that your movements are not too rough. Being too rough can cause permanent damage the enamel of your tooth.

Fluoride Use

Some toothpaste does not contain fluoride, this is because fluoride has been a source of controversy for several decades. Some people believe that it is good for teeth and others tend to shy away from it.

However, most of the evidence suggests that fluoride is beneficial for preventing tooth decay. Even if you don’t use a fluoride toothpaste everyday doing so once in awhile will greatly assist your oral health. In addition to brushing with fluoride regularly, you should also ensure that you floss at least once per day. 

Visit Your Dentist

You should see your dentist at least two times a year. During this routine checkup, you should get your teeth cleaned and have plaque removed. Your dentist will also check for signs of cavities and gum disease.

During this time your dentist in Putney can decide on the best course of action to take if you have teeth that may need to be realigned. Some of the options available are metal braces and invisible braces

As you age or get extractions, teeth can start to grow in the wrong direction and may need to be realigned using braces. Visiting your dentist at least twice per year will help to identify any alignment issues quickly.

Eat and Drink Healthily

One of the easiest and quickest ways to take care of your teeth is simply to drink more water. Drinking a lot of sweetened beverages can severely damage your teeth and puts you at a higher risk for cavities. It is better to drink water and tea that is not sweetened throughout the day. If you must drink sweet drinks you can do so when you have lunch or dinner. The dentist in Putney can also give you advice on what foods to avoid to keep your teeth healthy.

Protect Your Smile

Good oral hygiene is something that you cannot afford to skimp on. Taking care of your teeth should be a priority in your life. Your smile can affect your overall appearance and your self-confidence. 

By taking the time to practice good oral hygiene and visiting your dentist you will ensure that you always have a healthy smile.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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