Celebrating Autumn’s 4th Birthday

Wow, I can hardly believe that Autumn is 4 already. How fast time flies when you’re having fun…and constantly running around meeting a little one’s demands! Of course, her birthday wasn’t quite how I’d envisioned it being at the start of the year. If you’ve been following the blog for a while, you’ve probably noticed that we usually have a party or go somewhere like a zoo for Autumn’s birthday. I had a lot of great party ideas and she would have loved celebrating with her friends! To be honest, I don’t think most people have had a ‘normal’ birthday this year really, unless you were born at the beginning of the year like me. Nonetheless, we were determined to make her 4th birthday special regardless of Covid-19 being the ultimate party pooper!

The start of the day

Being a September baby has it’s pros and cons. With this being her first year at nursery, it was the first time that she’s not been with us for her whole birthday. She’ll surely find it even more annoying once she goes to primary school next year!

Unsurprisingly, she woke up with an abundance of energy even greater than usual. We came straight downstairs and she was delighted to see a “Happy 4th Birthday Autumn” Frozen banner and Frozen balloons in the living room. She opened a few presents before having breakfast and getting ready for school. She had some time to play with her new toys, but unfortunately not for long before she had to go to nursery. Autumn was not happy about going to nursery, even though she is usually raring to go. I understand it – who wants to leave their brand new toys after only 15 minutes of play time and a pile of presents still waiting?!


When we picked Autumn up at lunch time, she was a lot cheerier. Her class had sang happy birthday and she had handed out sweets to the children. She was excited that there were some sweets left over for her to have too! After opening a few more presents and an outfit change, we went to visit her Great Grandma, keeping a social distance.

Poor Autumn wanted to stay there for longer too, but it was less than an hour until we were meeting her Great Uncle for lunch! It was the first time I’d eaten out anywhere since before lockdown, so I felt a little wary. However, we sat outside in the sunshine and the pub had good rules in place. It was so hot, more like a summer’s day than the first day of autumn! We were lucky, as the next day the weather decided that perhaps it would be autumn after all and declined dramatically the next day.

Autumn loved that the outdoor seating area was like a boat and loved playing with the ship’s wheel. Lunch was delicious and she enjoyed her favourite meal of chicken nuggets, chips and beans (classic 4 year old). We had a great time seeing her Great Uncle and she liked her presents from him…even if she did rush through opening them all!

Apple Picking

When I’d given Autumn a few options of what she’d like to do for her birthday, she chose apple picking. An usual choice of birthday celebration, but she had loved it the last time we took her. So after our lunch, we headed to an orchard. We were given two large buckets which we filled very quickly with a variety of apples. Autumn found it so much fun choosing which apples she’d like from the trees and picking them.

Picking apples in Meopham

She needed some help from Daddy with some of the higher ones she spotted! The farmer also kindly let her pick a small punnet of raspberries for free and she rang the bell in the shop.

Family Time

After leaving the orchard with our crates of apples, we went to visit each of her other sets of Grandparents. Funnily enough, the first thing she asked about when entering each house was her presents! She excitedly opened them all, then played with them afterwards. She is very ‘into’ Barbie and Frozen at the moment, so most of her presents revolved around those.

Opening 4th birthday presents

Autumn had a wonderful time playing with her new toys, although after a long day my head wasn’t too appreciative of her new keyboard and microphone. She loved it though!

She chose to have pizza for her 4th birthday dinner and we had a lovely Elsa Frozen cake. However, with the current risks, we didn’t put candles on this cake. At both Grandparents’ houses we put candles on cupcakes for her to blow out when we sang Happy Birthday.

4th birthday Elsa Frozen cake

Unsurprisingly, Autumn was absolutely overwhelmed and worn out at the end of such a busy day. However, she had such a good birthday and it was good to see our plans come together for a wonderful day.

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