How to make your home cosy this autumn

Collaborative Post¦ As we say goodbye to the last days of summer and the nights get a little darker and the temperature starts to drop, it’s time to welcome the changing seasons, the falling leaves, those old winter boots and thick, woolly jumpers.

When the wind feels a little colder and the rain is lashing the windows, there’s nothing better than getting warm and cosy indoors. And the best way to achieve optimum cosiness is by kitting out your home with some comfortable accessories and seasonal fittings. Don’t worry, you don’t have to become a DIY master overnight, these simple ideas can be done in just a few simple steps.

Read on for how to make your home cosy this Autumn with these super simple Autumnal tips.

Switch to LED lighting

Lighting is a simple yet effective way to turn your home from a refreshing summer house to a comfortable and cosy Autumnal retreat. LED strip lighting is not only energy-efficient, with long-lasting bulbs and less light pollution, but they’re also a stylish option, providing a gorgeous, subtle glow, perfect for those evenings curled up on the sofa with a mug of hot chocolate.

Switching to LED bulbs and lighting throughout your home (and even in your garden) means more style options and much more money in your wallet! If the constant flickering and dull lighting from traditional bulbs leave you suffering from migraines and headaches then your health could also benefit from this simple change.

LED lighting

Think soft furnishings and accessories

In Autumn it’s all about comfort, so you should consider upping your soft furnishings game. Thick, chunky knit throws that are ready to be curled up with, large cushions scattered on every chair and couch. Blankets for the kids will also be a welcome treat on those chilly Sunday mornings.

You can select specific colours that reflect Autumn, such as mustards, golds, or even brown and muted shades of green. Alternatively, warm textures such as velvet, suede and knitted home-made pieces will also look wonderfully welcoming after a chilly Autumnal walk.


You can easily bring Autumn into your home and make your little sanctuary smell warm and welcoming by simply updating your home fragrance. Put away those summer scents of sandalwood and fresh linen, consider richer scents of pumpkin spice, pecan pie, apples and of course cinnamon and clove! You could always bake some fresh bread or cookies to really infuse your home with a gorgeous and irresistible autumnal scent!

Don’t forget your front door

When getting your home ready for Autumn, don’t neglect the outside of your property. Door wreaths are popular right now, and they’re not just for Christmas! A door wreath decorated with natural foliage and materials, decorated with Autumnal features such as pumpkins, soft coloured fabrics and even little lights will provide the warm welcome you’ve been looking for after a long day at work.

Final thoughts…

Are you looking forward to Autumn? How are you going to decorate your home this year? Let us know in the comments below!

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