How to be a greener pet owner

Sponsored Post¦ We’re a nation of pet lovers; I have to admit I don’t know many people without one! According to the RSPCA, just half of us have one. There are many benefits of pet ownership. If you’ve followed my blog/social media for a while, you’ll be familiar with our cat Maisie. Like in many households across the country, we found she was very helpful to our mental health during lockdown. Of course, if you have a dog, they’re great for your physical health too! However, as great as pets are, they can really affect our impact on the environment.

Living Greener

Did you know that pets are responsible  for a quarter of greenhouse emissions caused by animal agriculture? I was quite surprised initially. However, I then thought about the fact that unlike the other changes I’ve made to use less plastic and live greener, alternative options haven’t really been available when it comes to pet products.

Here are some ways you can make a difference:

  • Use biodegradable bags for picking up pet poo. It sounds gross, but you could also consider purchasing a pet poo wormery. They’re great for recycling waste into garden compost!
  • Choose chemical-free shampoo for your pets, so that you’re not contributing to the pollution of rivers and oceans and, subsequently, the poisoning of the creatures that live in them.
  • Try making toys for your pets and avoid plastic and electronic ones. My cat loves homemade toys – and seeing how fast dogs in my family wreck their toys, making your own is definitely a more economic option too!
  • Don’t drive to a walking location. Cut down on carbon emissions and fuel costs by staying local for your dog walk. During lockdown, we were pleasantly surprised by the lovely places we found to walk to on foot from our doorstep!

happy pet dog owner


Pet food packaging

When I think about the biggest impact on the environment with our cat, it’s got to be her pet food pouches! Every day we’re throwing away single use plastic. Therefore, I was pleased to hear that high quality pet food brand Vet’s Kitchen are making the move to recyclable packaging! They have already reduced their plastic usage by 27% on some lines (and 17% across the range). However, they’re aiming to make all their packaging recyclable over the course of the next two years, starting with dry dog food from October. This is part of a re-branding strategy and will also include an OPRL (on-package recycling label) to encourage their customers to responsibly dispose of their packaging.

I already held Vet’s Kitchen in high-esteem, as they have a good reputation for developing quality food with food especially tailored to the nutritional needs of cats and dogs, as well for many ailments. As the name suggests, they have their own in-house vets who work on these products. With their focus on natural, nutritious and local, this re-brand with recyclable packaging makes total sense and I hope other similar companies will follow suit.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.

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