5 Careers To Consider If You’re Good With People

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Collaborative Post¦ Being good with people is a highly underrated skill. After all, how many people have you encountered in the service industry who have a terrible attitude towards others? If you consider yourself a ‘people person’ and love talking and interacting, then you have a clear advantage over others who don’t. 

When choosing a career, you can play to these strengths and use them to build a fulfilling, people-centric job. 

Driving Instructor

There are 40, 000 driving instructors in the UK and only a small percentage of these are female. If you’re interested in becoming a female driving instructor, there is a lot of scope to be flexible with your hours. You get to teach learner drivers who man be nervous and in need of guidance. Being able to connect with people and make them feel comfortable and at ease while you teach them is a much sort after skill in a driving instructor. 


The teaching profession is always looking for good teachers. You get to work with young children every day, educating them and giving them guidance and a chance at a good education.

If you have a degree already, you can take a postgraduate teaching course, while also spending time working in schools. All teachers will need to have a good standard in Maths, English and science. 


Taking care of people when they are ill and hurt is a very important job. You’ll need to be compassionate and understanding with patients and their families. You can choose to specialise in a certain type of care including: 

  • Mental health
  • Maternity
  • Adult
  • Pediatric

The standard route to nursing is through a degree which also incorporates a lot of hands-on experience. Once you have finished your qualifications, you’ll be able to work across the UL and internationally in a nursing capacity. Learn more on travel nursing opportunities here.


A counsellor works with people in a confidential way and helps those who have personal problems or difficulties. There are many different types of counsellor, including:

  • Substance abuse and rehabilitation counselling.
  • Mental health counselling
  • Grief counselling 
  • Marriage and relationship counselling

As you would expect, you need to be qualified to become a counsellor. There are many colleges and universities that offer courses on a full time, part-time or distance learning basis. 

Event Management

Being a successful event manager requires many different skills and the ability to connect and coordinate with many different types of people. Event managers plan and arrange different types of events for private occasions and businesses. It’s a varied career and you could find yourself managing seminars, awards dinners, tradeshows and festivals. 

You’ll need your people skills to keep your clients happy and your suppliers working well. 

Many event managers don’t have formal qualifications but you can take a number of courses in event management that will help you learn the basics and improve your CV. Event managers can either work in-house, arranging company events or for a specialist events management agency that work with many other businesses. 

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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