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Collaborative Post¦ Too few of us follow our dreams. It might be difficult to admit to, but it’s true. Life can be confusing, and it’s really easy to end up feeling stuck in a rut, unable to pursue what will make you truly happy. Just as people are all individuals, everyone has individual dreams. Some of you may want nothing more than a big family, whilst others might dream of success in your careers, or living in a particular place, or a combination of all the above. Other than fame – which can strike randomly and which is nearly impossible to predict – all these dreams are completely achievable. It might take hard work, and patience, and just a pinch of luck, but you can have the life you want, as long as you don’t give up on it!

Some of the most popular dreams are being financially secure, having a family, working your dream job, travelling the world and living in your dream home. Read on for a few tips on how to grasp hold of these dreams with both hands, and never let them go. 

Having a Family

Getting married to the love of your life, and having children, is one of the most rewarding experiences life has to offer. However, sometimes it can feel unachievable – how many of you have gone through a horrible break-up and felt convinced you’d never find love again? Even the most long-term relationships have their ups and downs, and the idea of finding that happy-ever-after can seem like the stuff of fairytales rather than real life. The most important action you can take here is not to give up. Staying open to the idea of love is the greatest step towards finding it, however vulnerable you might feel. Embrace the vulnerability! If you do, you might find love in the most unexpected places. 

Of course, once you’ve found your partner, the next step in fulfilling this dream is starting a family. Having children is one of the greatest joys in life – but it can be a long and difficult road to get there. Make sure you keep talking with your partner and supporting each other through the process. Conceiving works differently for everyone, and can be much harder for some than others. Always remember that there are other options available – from IVF to adoption – and if raising a family is your dream, never give up on it.

Financial Security

This might seem like the most boring dream, but it’s actually the single top ambition for many people across the country. After all, removing the stress of money from your life enables you to concentrate on the more important things; family, friends and experiences. Yet financial security does not have to mean wealth. Instead, you can achieve a feeling of security by budgeting sensibly and planning as much as you can. Saving small amounts into an emergency account will help you if any unexpected costs roll around (a car break down, for example), so you aren’t put in a place of panic at any sudden bills. This is a great first step towards financial security, and never worrying about money again.

Dream Home

When you hear the words dream home, what do you picture? Is it a castle? An ultra-modern flat? A mansion with a swimming pool? A gorgeous home in the city of your dreams? A dream home means something different to everyone, yet it’s something we’d all love to have. After all, your home is where you live and spend large amounts of time, so it will massively affect your life and happiness. Again, a dream home might seem unachievable – but only if you think it is! Treat it like a realistic goal, start saving, and you could make it a reality sooner than you think. If your dream is to live abroad, don’t be afraid of change. Life is about making bold choices and following your heart, so don’t let anything else hold you back. It’s also a nice idea (and a lot of fun!) to browse property sites and see what’s out there, whether it’s gorgeous apartments for rent in huntington beach ca or properties that are landed for sale. It will give you an idea of where your dream home sits in the market, and give you something to aim for!

Dream Job

For some people, the route to their dream job is a clear series of promotions or side steps through a particular industry or company. For others, the path may be less clear. Yet if you have a passion for something, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t dream big and feel capable of reaching that dream. If you’re not currently on the road towards your dream job, and feel yourself stagnating in your life, remember it’s never too late to change career paths. It might take effort, and a bit of uncertainty, but all you need to do is take that first leap to set you back on track. Places like the Open University are great ways to gain any new skills you might need to change industries and start climbing your way up to the top.

Travelling the World

Seeing new and extraordinary places, meeting new people and having amazing experiences. Travelling the world is often seen as a young person’s game, with hostels and backpacking centres across the globe stuffed to the brim with early-twenty-somethings on gap years. If you haven’t travelled the world by the time you’re thirty, it might feel like you never will – but this isn’t true! Travelling isn’t just a young people’s game, and it’s never too late to see new places and experience new things. Having young children definitely puts the pause button on travel, but if you haven’t managed to squeeze it in before starting a family, don’t panic. Once your kids go off to university or work, leaving home, you will gain a whole new lease of life. The fun doesn’t end when you’re forty or fifty – it might have just begun! So don’t push yourself or stress about fitting in all your plans; think of it as giving yourself something to look forward to for later on.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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