New Mom Fashion Tips: How to Look Great Post-Pregnancy

Collaborative Post¦ Trying to find your own style and fashion after you have given birth can be very difficult, and you can find yourself being lost on what to wear each morning. Pregnancy can change you in many different ways; not just the shape and size of your body, but also the confidence you have in your appearance.

However, it is important to remember that your post-pregnancy closet does not have to consist of sweatpants and baggy sweaters, and instead, you can still enjoy fashion and styling your outfits after you have given birth. While being a new mom is one of the most exciting changes you can experience, it can also be difficult to adjust. So, here are some fashion tips to help you look and feel great in motherhood.

Wear the Right Underwear

You will be surprised at how much of a difference wearing the correct underwear will make, not only to how you look but also to how you feel. Pregnancy changes your body in more ways than you could imagine, so you will need to get refitted for bras once you have given birth. Wearing bras that don’t fit you won’t only feel uncomfortable, but they will also alter how you look in your clothes. It is important to remember that your body has changed over a 9-month period, so it won’t change back overnight.

Leave Your Workout Gear at Home

While sweatpants and workout gear can be some of the comfiest clothes you own, it is important that you don’t get into the habit of wearing them every single day. Despite how much you love the forgiving stretch of your gym clothes, especially when you are still carrying some of your pregnancy weight, they will do nothing for your new-found figure. Don’t get us wrong, sweatpants are great for a lazy day at home on the weekend, but your sexy new post-pregnancy body deserves some new clothes!

Treat Yourself to Something New

Once you become a mom, pretty much everything in your life changes. So, it is normal for many women to fall out of love with their pre-pregnancy clothes. As we change and develop as a person, the clothes and fashion we like change too. Therefore, a great tip on how to look great after giving birth is to treat yourself to some new fashion items. This may mean getting a whole new closet’s worth of outfits to wear, or even treating yourself to that designer handbag you have always wanted. The Fendi bags are a popular choice and are available at online luxury fashion store SSENSE. Whether it is a designer pair of shoes or a high-quality designer Fendi bag, SSENSE has it all!

After giving birth, it can feel impossible that you will ever look great again. But it is important to remember that your new body shape gives you a whole new range of fashion possibilities that would never have been possible before you entered motherhood. These tips and advice will help you to create your new post-pregnancy look!

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