2019: A year in manicures

I know, I know. A round up post? We’re a good couple of weeks into 2020 now and nobody is saying “Happy New Year” anymore… Well, I only had this idea when I looked at my nails the other day and I thought it would still be a fun post! ๐Ÿ™‚ I had cute nails for most of last year and experimented with them a lot more. Thanks to my new manicure routine, they also grew a lot longer than they’ve been for years!

Plucky Peach

My first nails of the year were in late February when I had a job interview on the horizon. (I got the job, yay!) I didn’t want my nails to stand out, so I went for a cute pinky peach colour. Unfortunately, I don’t have any photos of them when they were first done (I didn’t have plans to write a blog post at the time!) However, I did find one of them growing out after one of Autumn’s sticker attacks:


Mini Eggs

At Easter, I decided to go for something a bit different! I changed up my shape to squoval and had Mini Egg inspired nails! Mini Eggs are my favourite Easter treat and I loved having such cute nails that reflected that.


Spring Greens

As we progressed into May, I changed my nail shape again to and got green nails! I loved this shade so much; it was perfect for spring. Along with the delicate glittery white, looking back they actually remind me of snowdrops! I think I might actually go for this exact combination again soon.

Mint green white glitter SNS manicure

Pretty in Pink

In May, I had the privilege of being Matron of Honour at a friend’s wedding. The colour scheme was royal blue, so understated nails were necessary. As such, I went for a gorgeous pale pink for all of my nails.

Pale pink SNS manicure and gel pedicure for wedding

Here’s me on the big day:


Fierce Fuschia

As July arrived, I went for bright and beautiful fuschia nails! These weren’t my favourite, although I really liked the colour of them (which was a lot more purple irl). Something about them just didn’t feel like ‘me’.

Purple and silver glitter nails

Resplendent Red

With summer fully underway, I went for more bright nails. By now I’d changed to a coffin shape and they had grown much longer. Inspired by one of the girls on Love Island, I chose this colour! It was just the perfect colour for summer and I loved these nails so much. I didn’t want them to grow out.


Awesomely Autumnal

As autumn arrived, I knew I’d have to have a pretty special colour after loving my previous nails so much. Luckily, I spotted the perfect shade for the new season. My nails had also reached new lengths in their coffin shape! I got so many compliments on this beautiful colour.

Maroon Red Coffin Nails

Dark and Disappointing

These were my least favourite nails of the year. I chose a shimmery dark purple for Halloween. However, the pot had the wrong number on it. After I said that I was sure it was the wrong colour, the technician insisted that it was right and just looked different in the pot. Well, I’d never had one look THAT different before but I went along with it. It was only after a couple of layers that he realised. He found the purple and layered in on top, saying it should be fine. Well, it was not. I was left with a weird dark colour that looked brown and purple in different places under bright light.

The only reason I didn’t complain and ask him to re-do it all was because I’d already been in there for TWO HOURS andย Autumnย was starting to act up.

Dark Halloween SNS nails

Beautiful Blue

With Christmas around the corner, I fancied a bit of sparkle. I’m annoyed I didn’t take any pictures of these as they were really pretty! I only have a blurry picture of me holding my kitten’s paw…oh and a picture of a pregnancy test. These were the nails I had during the start of my pregnancy and my subsequent miscarriage. Pretty apt as I was feeling blue, really.

Sweet Snowflakes

Along with my summery red nails, these are my joint second most favourite nails of the year. I didn’t set out to go for this pink glitter, but it just caught my eye. It was so dreamy with the little snowflakes on for Christmas.

Glittery pink Christmas snowflake SNS nails

Holographic Happy Birthday

I usually just have grown out Christmas nails for my birthday on New Year’s Day. However, I decided that this year I wanted birthday nails. After all, I would if I was born at any other time of the year! I went for blue with holographic stars and a holographic feature nail on my ring fingers. They were super cute, but unfortunately the stars didn’t last long. Boo ๐Ÿ™

Blue star and holographic SNS nails manicure

Which nails were your favourite? I’d love to hear! ๐Ÿ™‚


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  1. Oh my! I’ve got serious nail envy (is that a thing?) Your nails looked lovely all year. I never get mine done now. Maybe I should treat myself this year!

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