3 things pet owners need to know when buying a carpet

Collaborative Post¦ When you’re getting a new carpet, there are some things you need to consider. For example, the more foot traffic an area gets, the thicker/better quality the underlay you need. However, have you considered your pets when you’ve been thinking about carpet? Whether you’re a cat person or a dog person, you need to consider your furry friends before you buy.

Stain Resistance

With pets, you are bound to have situations where you need to clean your carpet. Whether your cat throws up on it, or your dog runs in with muddy paws, it will need some attention. Some carpets are designed to be stain resistant. This can be really useful as a pet owner. After all, you don’t want your beautiful new carpet to end up with a stain that no amount of scrubbing will take away. In my last 7 years as a pet owner, I’ve found that such incidents are often unavoidable. As such, it pays to be prepared.

Pet puppy on carpet

Photo by Josh Sorenson from Pexels

Pet Friendly Carpets

Did you know that some carpets are actually designed for people with pets? These pet-friendly carpets don’t absorb any moisture. Not only does it help to help keep the carpet look cleaner, it helps it to keep it fresh too. Do you find your carpets smelling of wet dog when it’s been raining? This should no longer be a problem, as 0% moisture absorption carpets help to reduce odour. The lack of moisture being retained also means there isn’t a chance for mould to develop.

Low pile height

A low pile height can be helpful, particularly for people with cats. Longer carpets are more likely to get pulls in them when cats are excitable and running around, or worse, get their claws stuck in them. A carpet with a low pile height will often stay looking better for longer when there are pets in the household.

Pet cat on stairs carpet

Photo by Bre Sartori from Pexels

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  1. Great tips! We built a house a few years ago and got to choose the carpets, which was great since our old carpets were a bit worse for wear after years of our pets. We got a medium shade carpet and we’ve been glad we did since it hides most stains and fur the best! We also got a low pile and at first I missed the coziness of long shag carpet, it’s been a good choice for our pets.

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