Local Business Spotlight: Playopolis board game café

In January, I decided to start writing about a local business each month. This is actually February’s post, which has been somewhat delayed due to other projects and my personal life! At the beginning of the year, I celebrated my birthday along with two friends who also have theirs in the same week. We enjoy board games, so trying out a board game café called Playopolis in Rochester, Kent, seemed like a great idea!


As soon as we walked into Playopolis on a Saturday evening, it felt like such a lovely atmosphere. It was absolutely buzzing, everyone looked relaxed and like they were having fun. The staff were all absolutely great too.

Our table was downstairs, down some very steep steps. However, the descent was worth it. With rough walls, bright pink paint, lights across the ceiling and comfortable seating, it was very cosy!

Playopolis board game cafe in Rochester, Kent

Playopolis light box - review of board game cafe in Rochester, Kent

Board Games

I’m not over-exaggerating in saying that there are hundreds of games to choose from the shelves! There are not only board games, but card games and party games too. It’s a little overwhelming at first, but you soon find yourself getting stuck in. There are games suitable for only a couple of players up to a whole table of players, as well as sensible games and silly games. There is also a section of children’s games if you’re visiting as a family.

Board games at Playopolis board game cafe in Rochester, Kent

Board game library at Playopolis board game cafe in Rochester, Kent

They range from your standard Monopoly and Boggle to more unusual games.

Food and Drink

There is a good selection of food and drink available. I’m a fussy eater and there’s a lot on the menu that I’d eat, which is always brilliant to see! The drink selection includes everything from your usual coke, to your locally brewed beer, unusual milkshakes, tasty teas and cocktails. I didn’t have anything to eat and had herbal tea, but I’d love to go back and try more. Bueno milkshake sounds amazing! My friends both had hot chocolates with all the trimmings, which looked delicious too.

Hot chocolate and marshmallows, Playopolis board game café in Rochester, Kent

I went for a Dozy Girl tea, which was a blend of chamomile, lavender and rose. I was a bit unsure when I saw all the petals in the top, but it was lovely. We’d played 5 or 6 board games and had a brilliant evening, so it was a great wind down drink before going home to bed. I’m looking forward to returning as soon as I can!

Dozy Girl chamomile, rose and lavender tea at Playopolis in Rochester, Kent

If you know a business in Kent or Medway that you think I should feature, I am open to suggestions! Please email me at laura@autumnsmummyblog.com

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