Results With Lucy: My Experience

Results With Lucy: My Experience

At the end of last year, I met some lovely ladies from Results With Lucy at the very first South East Bloggers Club meet. I’d been thinking about trying to get fitter, partially inspired by my husband. He started using The Diet Plate and going to the gym a few months ago. He’s lost so much weight and become a lot healthier. When it comes to me and exercise, I need something that’s going to keep me interested. Likewise, it also needs to fit in with my lifestyle.


To give you a little background if you’re not already aware, Results With Lucy is a fitness platform brought to you by Lucy Mecklenburgh. She was one of the original cast members on The Only Way Is Essex. Since her TOWIE days though, she’s been making a name for herself in fitness. Looking at her toned physique and popularity with my generation, it’s easy to see how!


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The website

The Results With Lucy website is pretty straightforward. Before you get started, there’s a tour that shows you where everything is. As well as the workouts, you can also access healthy eating information and forums where you can see other’s amazing results.

Once you’ve finished the tour, you’re taken to your portal. All the main things you need are accessible from this one place. One of my favourite features of the portal is that you can upload a photo of yourself as well as all your measurements. As you go through your fitness journey, you can add new photos and measurements and easily compare them as you go along.

My experience

I think I already eat fairly healthily and I’m actually underweight. If anything I want to gain weight, so I didn’t use the eating section at all. Instead, I wanted to just focus on my fitness and toning up.

I found the workout plans great, although I had to be imaginative to fit some of the longer workout videos around family life. I’d plan to wake up earlier, for example, if there was a 50 minute workout planned for the next day. 10 minute workouts weren’t an issue to fit in. The length and time of workouts differs and are spaced out with a day or two of rest in between.

I actually found it really fun, which was something I never thought I’d say about exercise. My daughter, Autumn, thought it was fun and joined in too!

I think having set tasks for each day helped me to feel motivated. Although none of my measurements changed much at all over the few weeks I was using Results With Lucy, I am not too concerned. As I’m on the small side, it would be harder for me to reduce my measurements than someone who was overweight and they may see more of a result more quickly. However, I did notice that my stamina improved and I felt fitter. I also noticed that my stomach muscles felt tighter and more toned than they had since pre-pregnancy.

I’d recommend giving it a go if you want to lose weight or get fitter. There is a 10 day free trial you can do before committing to it too.

Disclosure: I was granted On Demand Fitness & Food Access for 2 months in return for this review. 

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