Sunday Review: Band t-shirts for mum/dad and baby!

Last year, shortly after I found out I was pregnant, my Dad’s friend told me about Little Rock Store. Since then I’ve been eager to own some of their merchandise. I love rock and metal, so to be able to buy mini band t-shirts for my baby is awesome! As well as other things like bibs, they also sell lullaby versions of some of my favourite albums. 

Rocking out to awesome bands

While many things have changed since I became a mum, I haven’t lost my identity. My love for music and rocking out is part of that. I used to love listening to 80’s rock in the car with my dad and hopefully Autumn might share some of our tastes too. It warmed my heart the other day when she was smiling at me singing along to Thunderstruck!

Our band t-shirts

I thought it would be cute to get matching AC/DC t-shirts since we enjoy listening to them together. I actually decided on a vest although they do actual band t-shirts for babies too. When they arrived, I was so excited!

AC/DC band t-shirts for baby and mummy or daddy, from Little Rock Store

The first things I noticed were that the material was lovely and soft and that the print on them looked good quality.

At the time of writing, it’s £27.40 for the set. While that is a little on the expensive side for many of us, they seem well made. You also have to consider that band merchandise generally is quite expensive! With that in mind, I think the pricing is fair.

Putting the t-shirts into action

Autumn’s vest is age 6-12 months. She’s 6 and a half months now but still in 3-6 month clothing. This means there’s lots of growing room still. This is excellent as I’m sure she’ll get a lot of wear out of them! She’s obviously not old enough to understand, but I got a lot of enjoyment out of wearing them. I guess I kind of feel like we’re a rock chick Barbie and Shelly! While we were trying them on for the first time, my husband’s uncle visited our house. He’s a fan of AC/DC and thought they were absolutely brilliant. He laughed and took a photo of us!

AC/DC band t-shirts for baby and mummy or daddy, from Little Rock Store

The boring bit

You probably don’t want to hear much about this, but they are washing well so far, following the instructions on the label! To make sure they stay in good condition I also iron them inside out on a low setting.

You may also notice I haven’t spoken about the sizing of the adult t-shirt. The thing is, I’m a UK size 6, so naturally any of the sizes available would be massive on me. My t-shirt is really baggy and long because I’m short (only a couple of inches over 5 foot). I could probably get away with wearing it as a dress with leggings! That said, I absolutely love it and will wear it lots, especially over the next half a year while Autumn has her matching vest!

I’d love to get Autumn a Motorhead t-shirt too. What would you choose?

Disclosure: I was given an AC/DC t-shirt and baby vest by Little Rock Store in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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