I hated my daughter's name

For a while after she was born, I hated the name that we gave to our baby girl.

When you’re pregnant you spend hours looking at baby names with your partner, trying to pick the perfect one for your unborn child. My husband and I were no different; hours were spent searching the internet looking for inspiration. So, it pains me to say that for a period of time, I couldn’t stand my daughter’s name, despite the fact that I was the one who had chosen it. Hearing her name made me flinch; I felt like I wanted to change it to something else…

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When Mummy went crazy with anxiety

Discussing my severe anxiety after traumatic events led to my baby suddenly being taken ill and requiring an operation at only a few weeks old.

***Warning: This post is emotional, discusses mental health issues and may be a trigger to some***

If you’re reading this post, you may have read last Saturday’s post about when Autumn was ill and in hospital. This post is about how I was feeling when she was in hospital, as I was not well myself and it had a terrible effect on my mental health.

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10 Signs your child may have anxiety – Children’s Mental Health Week

What are the signs that your child has clinical anxiety? Here’s a useful guide.

It’s Children’s Mental Health Week 2017 from 6th-12th February, which is a cause very important to me. I suffered from anxiety in childhood and did not get the support that I needed. I remember my parents taking me see our GP at the age of 10, as I’d been feeling sick every morning on my way to school (it was around the time I took the eleven-plus and I think this triggered my anxiety around that time). The doctor just dismissed it as ‘school phobia’, basically saying that I was just making up feeling sick to try and get out of going to school. I wasn’t though,  I loved primary school! Fortunately, a lot has changed over the last 15 years or so and there seems to be more awareness and support available now than there was for me.

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Guest Post: My experience of perinatal and postnatal OCD

Here a close friend of mine discusses her experience of obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) during pregnancy and beyond the birth of her daughter.

Today is #TimeToTalk day, a day all about increasing mental health awareness by talking about it and perhaps reaching out to someone with mental health issues to make sure they’re doing okay. Here I have a guest post from a close friend of mine who had her daughter 7 weeks before I gave birth to Autumn and has unfortunately been suffering from OCD since during pregnancy. I’ll be posting about mental health quite a lot on my blog, so I thought it would be interesting to ask her to write a post for me about her experiences so I could find out more about what she’s been going through but also to spread awareness of perinatal and postnatal OCD.

Please be aware that as with lots of things regarding mental health, this may be triggering.

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The nerve-wracking first post!

This is my first blog post on my new blog. Here I introduce myself and discuss my emotions upon starting to write a blog again after a long hiatus from blogging.

As I write my first post, I am slightly nervous. Will anyone actually bother to read my blog? Will it be the most boring blog in the history of blogs? Thinking logically, I very much doubt it is, but these are the sort of thoughts that a habitual anxious over-thinker has! I haven’t written a blog since I was 14. My blog was mostly about my daily life, hanging out at the local park with my friends. I don’t think I’m going to stick to a niche this time either – I think I’ll blog about a whole plethora of things as my brain is full of so many interests and thoughts, way more than I have time for! After all, variety is the spice of life, eh? Continue reading “The nerve-wracking first post!”