Preparing to celebrate our 7th anniversary

Collaborative Post¦ Unbelievably, this June will mark 14 years since my husband and I met. We’ve been inseparable ever since! In 2015, we finally tied the knot. It’s fortunate really, … Read More

6 Personalized Valentine’s Bobbleheads Gifts

Collaborative Post¦ Hurray! Valentine’s Day is about to arrive. So be prepared to tap into your romantic side and buy a gift that impresses your companion on an emotional level.

There’s no surprise that they deserve more than just “The Best Valentine’s Day Gift” this year. You can’t stick to a classic culture of a box full of heart-shaped chocolates or beautiful bouquet delivery to your girlfriend or wife.

You need something unique, memorable and artistic that draws a big WOW at a glance. And better than a bobblehead, nothing can make it happen.

Because we aren’t talking about those cute dolls with rotating large heads, but introducing you to their specialties – the amazing handmade custom bobbleheadsthat make these dolls more personalized. These adorable dolls mimic the face and overall body of the person you want to be featured as a bobblehead.

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5 Key Reasons Why Formal Dress is a Good Idea for A Wedding

Collaborative Post¦ Whether you want to rock that prom night in a gorgeous Avatar or want to draw everyone’s attention in that memorable wedding event, a formal prom dress is always the best fit.

The staple dress code still looks gorgeous even though it is hanging in the corner of that closet. A formal prom dress is like a love-at first sight to many girls.

After all, these aren’t just sparkles, beautiful ruffles, nor is the reason that cheap formal dresses for prom are a budgetary deal, but it is a deep attachment and love that every girl shares with this beautiful dress at a beautiful event.

And for a wedding, why a formal dress can be a brilliant idea for a bridesmaid, here are some of the best reasons explaining it all.

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Wedding Planning: 10 Things You Won’t Want to Forget

Credit – Pixabay CC0 License

Collaborative Post¦ Planning your wedding is one of the most exciting times in your life but you will feel the pressure to get it right.

While you will never forget the wedding dress or the perfect rings, it is far easier to overlook several other issues. Here are 10 of the most likely candidates, along with what can be done to ensure that your wedding plans cover every aspect.

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