Statement Knitwear Pieces For Autumn 2021

Collaborative Post¦ Knitwear is an important staple of any autumn wardrobe. As the seasons transition from warm to cold, autumn can present a myriad of temperatures to dress for. Layers are often a crucial part of the season, as they allow you to dress an outfit up or down and add warmer clothes in case of unexpectedly cool weather.

It is essential to choose your knitwear wisely. You will need items that will stand the test of time and that will be comfortable and stylish. You should do research into the different materials available and choose ones that offer the best in comfort and functionality.

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Review: Tutti Rouge – The Fuller Bust Company

Gifted¦ I’ve previously complained on my blog about how difficult I find it to find bras in my size, never mind ones that are good value for money! I have the issue of having a small band size, whilst having an E cup. Well, Tutti Rouge (The Fuller Bust Company) have come to my rescue! They were launched in 2011 as a specialist fuller bust lingerie brand, but have actually been designing DD+ lingerie for over 25 years! They now sell supportive bras as well as comfy bralettes and sexy bodies for those who have been blessed in the boob department, as well as knickers to match. Recently I’ve put some of their lingerie to the test!

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8 Small Beauty Changes That Can Make A Huge Difference


Collaborative Post¦ While self-care is so important — especially if you have little kids around — but it can be one of the first things that get dropped when you’re busy. It can make such a difference to your mood and your outlook — that’s where this list comes in. Beauty changes and little cosmetic treats sit under the umbrella of self-care. So, check out this list of eight small changes that you can make that have the power to make a real difference. 

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Why You Should Own a Moissanite Gem

Collaborative Post¦ Diamonds are not the only gemstone to rock the jewel industry. As a matter of fact, moissanite is taking over – thanks to the numerous qualities it possesses. As such, many couples purchase engagement rings and wedding rings made from this jewel. You may be wondering why the sudden interest in moissanite gemstones. For one, they are cheaper alternatives to diamonds. Additionally, they offer value for money.

So, instead of emptying your life savings for a 1.5-carat GIA-certified diamond, you could purchase a moissanite equivalent for as low as $300. There is more to discover about this precious stone. Let’s kindly begin our adventure.

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