3 Tips for Purchasing Jewellery as a Gift

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Collaborative Post¦ Jewelry can be difficult to purchase for someone because tastes often change, and you want to make sure the gift is appropriate for the situation. For instance, something with more character than beauty and a high carat count is ideal if gifting your mother a necklace.

Alternatively, if proposing or finding something for a spouse, then a 2ct diamond ring from Whiteflash.com, or similar alternatives, could be a good place to start. Regardless of the kind of piece you select, it’s important to make sure you purchase from a verified retailer, get genuine stones or materials, or have a strong circumstantial reason for choosing jewlery over anything else.

After all – jewelry can be quite intimate or a close-knit gift to provide. It’s unlikely you’ll purchase your boss an item like this anytime soon, after all. So, let’s consider some advice for the below:

Make Sure It’s From A Reliable Designer

It’s important to make sure the piece is from a reliable or authentic designer or retailer. This way, you can avoid being oversold for brand-name items. If you’re happy going independent, such as by visiting a local craft shop and perhaps purchasing a crystal necklace, or supporting independent jewlery makers, that can be appropriate too – just make sure it was properly sourced from that location or name so that you don’t end up with a poorly designed piece that may not have been as safely designed as it could have been. This way, you may also return for repairs, resizes, or alterations.

Have Their Size Fitted Where Appropriate

Of course, it’s good to have the sizing requirements of the person as much as possible. Ensuring you know your partner’s ring size, or at least ask someone else to find this information from them, can help you better plan the engagement ring for the upcoming proposal. Sometimes, you might just need to adjust it. If your friend is quite small, then a smaller necklace or bracelet could be appropriate in comparison with what sizes you might go for. There’s no shame in going for a refit of course, it’s just nice to get as close to the right proportionality as possible.

Consider Their Styling Choices

You’ll find that your gift will be appreciated more deeply if it matches the personality and tastes of the person you buy it for. They have to wear it, after all. So for instance, it might be that a friend or family member seems to have a real taste for fun, novelty jewelry or that made of particular stones and cuts. Perhaps your friend has small wrists and so a smaller bracelet is required, and as they like to stack them, stackables could be a good idea. They may clearly have a preference for gold over silver, and vice versa. If they rarely wear jewelry, then perhaps a statement piece like a broach with a depiction of something they love, or refined hair clips can be a nice alternative.

With this advice, you’re sure to purchase the best piece of jewelry for the person you appreciate most.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.