What To Do When Jewellery Gives You A Rash

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Collaborative Post¦ Have you noticed that you keep getting a red rash after wearing jewellery? It might not happen all the time, but perhaps there are particular items that keep giving you this itchy rash. You’ll be surprised to learn that jewellery rashes are incredibly common and there are a few reasons you may have one. 

Clearly, it’s never a good idea to wear something that causes discomfort, so here’s what you should do if your jewellery keeps giving you a rash: 

Figure Out The Cause

To begin, work out what’s causing the jewellery rash. Most of the time, it’s one of these issues: 

  • You’re allergic to the jewellery
  • You’re wearing the jewellery too tight to your skin
  • You haven’t washed the jewellery and it’s got bacteria on it

It should be easy to figure out which one of these is your cause. After doing that, you should follow these steps to prevent the rash from coming back. 

Buy High-Quality Jewellery

Most rashes are caused by low-quality jewellery pieces. When buying jewellery, stay away from the cheap stuff. It usually consists of cheap metals that are easy to be allergic to – like nickel. Not only that, but cheaper items are usually more prone to collecting bacteria or may be harder for you to clean without them breaking or wearing away. So, the higher-quality stuff should be hypoallergenic and much easier for you to keep in good condition.

There are many types of jewellery worth buying, but consider things like pure sterling silver jewellery. It’s highly uncommon to be allergic to silver and this is notoriously one of the easiest metals to clean. As a result, your jewellery shouldn’t cause any rashes. 

Avoid Wearing Things Too Tightly

If bracelets or necklaces are causing rashes, it might be down to contact dermatitis. This is when something comes into contact with your skin and generates a rash. It usually happens when jewellery is super tight and constantly rubs up against your skin. 

All you have to do in this situation is loosen your jewellery. If you do this and the rash immediately fades within a couple of days, then you know it was your problem. This is probably the easiest issue to fix, yet also one of the most common. 

Keep Your Jewellery Clean

If you constantly wear the same items over and over, they’re going to get dirty. Especially if you’re wearing jewellery while working out or doing things that can accumulate sweat, bacteria and grime. 

Try to keep your jewellery as clean as possible – it’s okay to shower with some types of jewellery and this will clean them. Alternatively, focus on cleaning your jewellery without ruining it; there are many tactics you can use, just be sure to pick one that works for the style of jewellery you wear. Also, avoid wearing jewellery when you’re exercising or getting sweaty. This makes it dirty which can cause lots of rashes. 

The good news is that jewellery rashes don’t need to be permanent. If yours is down to an allergy, avoid wearing items made from whatever metal you’re allergic to. Other than that, if you keep your jewellery clean and avoid wearing it too tightly for too long, your rash will fade and never come back! 

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