5 Ways To Live More Sustainably

Collaborative Post¦ Indeed, the world is currently experiencing climate and global warming caused by activities like air and water pollution. And people need to take the right steps to adopt eco-friendly practices. Admittedly, your lifestyle affects the environment in diverse ways. Therefore, consider these strategies to adopt an environmentally conscious lifestyle.

  1. Leverage greener modes of transportation

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Over 50% of atmospheric carbon dioxide comes from transportation, with road driving accounting for 20% of emissions. Consider changing your driving habits to promote sustainability and reduce your carbon footprint. And you can achieve this by walking more and driving less. Consider investing in sustainable vehicles like electric cars. People working in the same area may want to reduce their carbon footprint by carpooling or patronising public transport. Less gasoline-powered vehicles on the road mean fewer emissions and a safer future for the planet, so feel free to consider this.

  1. Buy sustainable clothing

Unfortunately, the clothing industry is one of the largest sources of pollution, producing a whopping 92 million tons of waste annually. It’s time to embrace a more sustainable shopping lifestyle by buying clothing from companies that recycle their materials. Shopping for slightly used clothing reduces the need for manufacturers to design new clothes. While at it, avoid expensive fast fashion brands and invest in cheaper second-hand clothes to improve your sustainable living. This way, you won’t contribute to a large number of cheap clothing thrown into landfills often. 

  1. Reuse your coffee cups and water bottles

Plastic materials make life easier in many ways. However, they pose serious threats to the planet’s habitability. Studies show a huge amount of polymer material currently covers almost 40% of the ocean floor, threatening marine life. Thousands of sea creatures like turtles and seals lose their lives to plastics yearly after ingesting these materials. Most coffee cups and water bottles are created from single-use plastics, constituting most land and water pollutants. You can play your part in reducing the nuisance of single-use plastics by reusing your bottles. And you can achieve this in various ways. For instance, you can use plastic bottles to grow plants in your garden. Alternatively, consider purchasing reusable bottles, as you can leverage them for a long period. Also, shopping around for reusable cups saves money and the planet from pollution.

  1. Recycle your e-waste

Spoilt electronic gadgets like smart devices and televisions are categorised under e-waste and can harm the environment. Therefore, avoid disposing of them inaccurately. Instead, consider e waste recycling to prevent these devices from polluting the environment. 

  1. Prepare more vegan meals

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Re-engineer your cooking habits and include some more vegan dishes. The world’s meat industry also contributes massively to global warming by releasing greenhouse gases like methane and nitrous oxide. If you can’t go strictly vegan, trying healthier veggie recipes occasionally is a sustainable idea. 

It takes collective sacrifice to build a sustainable world, so don’t hesitate to make your little contributions. Sticking to sustainable living doesn’t only make the world a better place; it also improves your quality of life

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.