Why you should consider sustainable bedding

Sponsored Post¦ Over the summer, we’ve replastered and painted the hall, lounge, landing and bedrooms. It has been quite a project! Things are beginning to take shape and I’m looking forward to turning our bedroom into a peaceful sanctuary (well, when the kids aren’t in there!) I’m hoping to incorporate lots of inspiration from nature. Therefore, it’s only natural that my attention has turned to the idea of sustainable bedding and its benefits.

I have been making eco-friendly swaps for years now. It began with me ditching plastic water bottles about 6 years ago, getting a reusable bottle instead. I’ve never looked back and made lots of other changes since! I’ve just gone back to studying and am learning a lot about climate change, which is definitely making me think about the impact of my purchases a lot more.

Why should we consider sustainable bedding?

It’s better for the environment

Groups such as the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) are working on making cotton production better for the environment and the people working with it. Historically, the cotton trade has been exploitative, created a large carbon footprint and been destructive to the local environment in other ways.

The BCI are:

  • Reducing emissions and helping farmers to tackle climate change
  • Helping farmers to be equipped to cope with the changing climate, eradicating farmer poverty
  • Improving the health of soil, which will in turn help with climate change and improve productivity
  • Reducing gender inequality and discrimination
  • Reducing the volume and toxicity of pesticides used, therefore tackling the soil and water pollution problems pesticides cause

Knowing the above about my bedding would certainly help me to sleep better at night!

You can find out about what makes fabric sustainable, the benefits of cotton and the important of thread count here.

It’s better for us

It probably goes without saying that the more natural the material, the better it is for our skin! Cotton is naturally hypoallergenic. Who wouldn’t want a lovely smooth and breathable sustainable cotton duvet against their skin, instead of bleached, synthetic materials?

What is better for the environment is beneficial for us too. The more steps we can take against climate change and its catastrophic effects, the better.

It saves money in the long run

While the initial cost of sustainable bedding may be more expensive, it will work out cheaper in the end. Good quality cotton bedding will stand the test of time, being washed and dried time and time again without issue. Sometimes it’s wise to spend more to begin with, rather than needing to replace time and time again down the line. Of course, constantly replacing things is also bad for the environment!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post with The Fine Bedding Company. As always, all views and opinions are honest and my own.