Home Decor Trends That Won’t Go Out of Style

Sponsored Post¦ While it’s fun to follow trends when you’re decorating your home, they can go out of fashion really quickly! So while you might want to follow some trends, it’s a good idea to choose some things that will never go out of style! We are currently renovating our house and trying to make decisions that will future-proof rooms so that we don’t feel the need to redecorate any time soon. Once everything is finally done we will definitely want a break from it for a few years! Let’s take a look at some of the classic decor ideas we’ve had.

Open shelving

I can’t think of a time that open shelving hasn’t been stylish. Shelves built into a wall allow you to have extra storage, plus display place for photos and trinkets you want to show off. If you have little knick knacks laying around, you can put them into cute baskets on the shelves!

They make the space feel bigger and are really flexible too. While the shelving remains the same, you can change around what you put on them over the years as trends and your taste change.


Shutters are absolutely beautiful and suit any type of decor or style. They’re made-to-measure and custom made to fit your windows and preferences. They’re luxurious, but worth the investment – and DIY window shutters are a cheaper way of getting them. California Shutters offer a variety of gorgeous styles, available in a range of materials and colours that you can customise. They can be made with lightweight premier paulownia timber. However, if you want them faster (or cheaper!) with many of them you can opt for faux wood PVC. They offer a wealth of easy to follow guides and videos to help, from measuring up windows to ordering and installing them. Let’s take a look at some of their classic shutters which will remain stylish for years to come.

Full Height

I adore the French provincial town feel to these shutters, which are suitable for large windows or doors. I’ve dreamt of having some of these kind of shutters since childhood!

Tier on Tier

Tier on tier shutters give you more flexibility, as the top and bottom part of the shutters open independently of each other! This allows you to control the amount of light in the room, as well as keeping privacy…perfect for bedrooms!

Café style

Similar to tier on tier shutters, cafe style gives you privacy! If you’ve ever lived on a main road, or in a house with minimal (or no) front garden, you’ll know how annoying it is when passersby look into your personal space. These shutters give you the privacy you need without blocking out too much light.

Solid Raised

Solid raised shutters give a very traditional, classic look – one that never really goes out of fashion. Only available in hardwood, they’re completely solid. They are super private and provide insulation.

Half Solid Raised

These are also only available in hardwood. However, you get to have a bit of both worlds with a solid shutter at the bottom and slats at the top.

Neutral colours

Certain colours and shades come and go out of fashion. Just think of the browns, mustards and oranges of the 1970s ! Therefore, if you want to make sure you won’t need to repaint any time soon, neutrals are always a safe bet. Whites and creams are always in vogue. Even fawn and light greys are timeless.

Hardwood floors

I’m sure there will come a point soon where laminate flooring goes out of fashion, having been a big trend over the last 20 years. Carpets are back in fashion but largely went out with the appearance of laminate. Before that were the 90’s plush, swirled textured carpets, often in green, pink or peach. Then prior to that were the loud patterned carpets of the 80s. What never goes out of fashion is a good hardwood floor. As long as they’re well looked after and buffed, they always look great!

Jute rugs

Jute rugs are another winner when it comes to decor that won’t go out of style. They are hardy and neutral and will go with a lot of styles.

Natural Materials

It’s not just jute that will remain stylish for the foreseeable future. Things made from natural materials stand the test of time in the design stakes. With climate change taking hold and people’s awareness of the problems with plastic increasing, I’m sure the demand for decor made from natural materials will only increase. Therefore, natural materials are likely to be a huge home decor trend over the coming decades. There have already been recent signs with pampas grass and other boho style decorations being popular.


Marble is another natural material that is always favoured. Not only is it absolutely beautiful, it feels luxurious too! From marbled floors, to hearths and ornaments, they just always look good.

Vintage Furniture

With the environment and sustainability in mind, vintage furniture is an excellent option. Vintage is always in fashion and because it’s already technically outdated, it can’t get outdated again, right?

Bronze Bathroom and Kitchen Fittings

The rose gold trend so popular with millennials is already gone. Most fittings I see are silver, but a lot of the ones I saw in my childhood were gold. Bronze is a little quirky, but is always a chic way to go.

White Bedding

If you want to make sure your bedding stands the test of time, just keep it simple and white. You just can’t beat white bedding. It looks so clean, crisp and welcoming.

Tiled Floors

By sticking to classic kinds of tiles rather than going with trends, you can future-proof your decor. I’ve always admired retro looking black and white tiles on a kitchen floor, for instance. I’ve also always admired the original Victorian tiles leading to people’s front doors.

I hope this guide has helped you to make some decisions to make your home a place you love living in. Hopefully it will also help you to cut down on decorating and save some money in the long-run! I’ll be writing more about our renovation soon, so watch this space as well as my social media updates!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post with California Shutters.