21st Birthday Celebration Party Planning Tips

Collaborative Post¦ Birthdays are widely celebrated in various countries. One of the main reasons it’s celebrated is because it serves as an expression of giving thanks for the long years a person has been alive and provides a special day for someone to feel special.

In the US, one of the most significant turning points of a person’s life is when they finally turn twenty-one. It’s an age where an individual is seen as ready for the more “adult stuff.” Thus, it’s safe to say that it’s an age where freedom is much more felt by an individual, which makes throwing a party even more important.

Every person has a preference on how they want their birthdays celebrated. Some want it to be luxurious and big, while some enjoy organizing an intimate get-together with their close friends and families. If you know someone whose birthday is about to come or you want to organize your 21st party, here are party planning tips you must know:

Establish A Theme

21st birthdays are extra fun if you get to dress up and have a theme to follow. This way, you and your guests could express your creativity, and even with simple color concepts, it would make amazing benefits in the outcome of your photos.

Typically, the themes used for 21st birthdays are casino-like setups, metallic, minimalist, Arabian nights, and more. To add a unique twist to your 21st birthday celebration, consider incorporating a “Gothic Glam” theme into your party planning. Embrace the dark elegance of gothic clothing and set the tone with rich, deep colors and ornate decorations.

You can use a birthday invitation maker to carry these themes through to create some amazing invitations. Guests will know what to expect and you can encourage them to dress up according to the theme! In America, twenty-one is the age that individuals are allowed to partake more in adult activities. Similarly, Australia is no different as it’s an age that marks the end of their childhood. Thus, turning twenty-one is a big deal in both countries. So, investing in a more adult-like themed party could be great.

Remember that when choosing a theme for your party, don’t overdo it, and always consider your budget, especially when sourcing some 21st birthday decorations. Also, consider other possible expenses like the food and sound systems.

If you need help deciding which theme suits your personality best, ask your friends for opinions to help you. Remember that the theme could help the elements in your venue be unified, thus creating a more aesthetic appeal for your event.

Prepare Good Music

Music is one of the most effective ways to keep the guests entertained and the party alive. So, create a playlist that you would play during the event that you and your guests could dance to! If you have yet to learn which music is great, you can base it on the top hits music charts to ensure everyone knows each song you play and could even sing their hearts out when it plays!

Try to have a downloaded music playlist so you still have music to play even when you don’t have an internet connection! Guests may usually feel bored when the music is off, and the downtime could have negative effects. Thus, hiring a professional DJ could also help if you have more budget.

Book The Venue Ahead Of Time

If you’re planning to rent out a place for your party, don’t book a day before, as chances are your booking might be rejected. The best time to book is at least a month or weeks before your birth date. That way, you can still check all your options and plan better for your decorations and setup.

Also, remember that the venue you must get should be able to accommodate the number of guests you plan to invite. Through this, you wouldn’t have a problem with overcrowding or having too big empty spaces.

Plan Your Kind Of Entertainment

Not many people enjoy going to bars when turning twenty-one. So, if you have other views of what is entertaining for you, it’s best to go with that plan to ensure you enjoy your celebration. For instance, if you’re a person who loves volunteering, planning a donation drive for your birthday could be a great start. You could also insert some game events in your donation drive birthday party to make the event more meaningful.

For some people, being in the wilderness to go camping is therapeutic. In this case, you can bring some card games, chess games, or even play archery in the wilderness if you can find a great venue. No matter what type of entertainment you want, always align it to things that make you happy, especially in the kinds of games you will organize.

Finalize The Date Of Your Party

The traditional way of celebrating a person’s birthday typically should be held on the same date as their real birth date. But, nowadays, people have become busier, and various factors come into play when planning the celebration date. These include busy work schedules, tight school activities, and more.

So, don’t feel too sad if you can’t celebrate the exact date of your birthday. Although it’s better that way, it’s not necessary. Thus, when sending out invitations, make a date clear so that there would be no prior schedules that may clash with your decided celebratory date. Consider doing it Friday night or during the weekends as more people tend to be available during these days.

Final Thoughts

Every birthday is special as it signifies that you’re growing and maturing. Thus, investing in a great party is a great way to look back and share memorable memories with your loved ones. To ensure everything goes well at your party, ensure you’ve read the tips above to guide you.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.