5 Ways to Treat Your Pet Cat

Sponsored post¦ Despite what some of “team dog” might say, cats make amazing pets! It is totally possible to bond and have a great relationship with them. If you’re looking for ways to do this and spoil your kitty rotten, you’re in the right place! There have been cats in my family since I was born and I’ve owned cats myself for over a decade now, so I have picked up a lot of advice along the way:

1. New toys

As wonderful as it must be to be a cat and get to lounge around without having to worry about bills, it must get a bit boring sometimes. A new toy will make life much more interesting! You don’t even necessarily have to buy something from a pet shop. They all love a cardboard box! Why not cut a little doorway in it for another entry point if it’s a big box? It looks super cute when they peek out.

2. Good food

Cats love their food! My Maisie pesters me at least 3 times a day for food. As such, a good way to spoil them is to feed them a high quality, hypoallergenic cat food. It’s good for their taste buds and takes care of their tummies, which is a win-win!

3. Hydration

Do you know if your kitty is getting enough hydration? It can be hard to tell, as they get a lot of their water from sources other than their water bowl. Of course, wet food has a good water content, but they also seek hydration from puddles and dripping taps amongst other places!

Did you know cats don’t like to have their water source near their food? Moving your cat’s water bowl to a different place can make a huge difference to them and you’ll likely see them use it more. If you can, get a water fountain as they much prefer running water to still!

4. The gift of time

It probably sounds obvious, but time really makes a difference. Modern life is so busy, it’s so easy to just constantly walk past our gorgeous cats while we’re rushing around. I’m guilty of that, so I try my best to set aside time to give Maisie a good fuss so that she knows she’s a valued member of our household. If you’re able to, set aside 10 minutes at the same time each day to play and stroke them. They’ll love it and you’ll find them seeking you out when it’s that time of day!

5. A scratching post

If you don’t have one, it’s important to get a scratching post, whether it’s a simple one or a whole ‘cat tree’. Scratching is one of the main ways in which cats de-stress, so it’s important for their mental wellbeing. It also helps them to ‘to keep their claws sharp, exercise, stretch their muscles and mark their territory‘. Not only that, but they often love the vantage point they get from sitting on top of them!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post with Bellfor, for which I have received compensation. As always, all views and opinions are honest and my own.