Celebrating Autumn’s 6th Birthday

I can hardly believe it, but I am the mum of a 6 year old! After a good couple of months of “How many weeks is it until my birthday?” Autumn’s 6th birthday finally came round. Unfortunately for her, it fell on a school day. However, that did meant that she got to celebrate across two days!

It was hilarious when I picked her up from school the day before. Usually, she will try to avoid bedtime for as long as possible. Yet this particular afternoon, she was asking how long it was until she had to go to bed. She couldn’t wait to go to sleep so her birthday would come sooner!

The big day

Autumn actually slept really well and woke up at a normal time! She was so excited and overjoyed to not have to wear uniform. Her school allow children to wear their home clothes on their birthday, which I think is a lovely idea! She chose a pretty unicorn dress, sparkly tights and some hairbands with swirling ribbons. I’d got her a big rainbow badge that said “IT’S MY BIRTHDAY” which we attached to her outfit.

She had a really good day at school. Naturally, as soon as she got home she wanted to open her presents! We had already got her a new bike at the beginning of the summer holidays as her birthday present.

As such, I just wrapped up a few little bits like nighties and a couple of small toys.

Some of my husband’s side of the family arrived after a little while and as soon as she saw the presents, she was keen to dive in. A particular highlight was a beautiful unicorn watch! She has been asking for a watch for a while. They also got her a brilliant book on how to tell the time. Due to her new watch, she has definitely got a real interest in learning to tell the time. Despite it only being a few days later, she’s doing really well.

We had some party nibbles and a bit later my side of the family arrived. Autumn was over the moon to have got one of the other things she really wanted; a camera! I’ve barely seen her without it since she got it. In fact, she actually followed me into the bathroom with it one morning. Therefore, we’ve had to lay down some ground rules!

She went to bed somewhat overtired, but having had a fantastic day.

Party time

We booked Autumn a party at our local soft play centre for Saturday morning. She couldn’t wait! I was looking forward to it too, especially as it was her first party since the pandemic. We last had a party for her when she was 2 years old, but unsurprisingly she doesn’t remember that!

It was lovely to see her so excited to greet her friends, jumping together and hugging them! They ran around like crazy things and had a brilliant time. Bizarrely, Autumn lost her wobbly tooth and at one point ran out of the soft play area to present it to me. I was a bit bewildered and didn’t really know what to do with this unexpected tooth that had been pressed into my palm!

When we got to the party room, it was decorated with Disney Princesses and lights and party music. I so wanted to be a 6 year old again myself, watching the kids eat their nuggets and chips and having fun.

Then Princess Belle entered the room and it was even more magical! Autumn was visibly surprised and so happy to see her. They talked and danced and then her friends joined in with the dancing too. Belle was even there to hold Autumn’s birthday cake and sing happy birthday! She listened as Autumn pointed her out on her birthday cake.

I’m so glad she finally got to experience a proper birthday party – it definitely felt like it was a long time in the running after I had to abandon the plans I had for a 4th birthday party two years ago.